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Published: 11.11.2010
Updated: 30.07.2015

Pt. Madhusudan Ojha Institute of Vedic Studies and Research

Kesargarh, JLN Marg, Jaipur - 302 004 (Raj.) INDIA
Ph: +91-98280 16989, 98281 58454  Fax: +91-11-43850118
e-mail: slgandhi[at]hotmail.com   vedic.peeth[at]epatrika.com  vedic.peeth[at]gmail.com

in association with

Libera Universita di Oki-Do Mikkyo Yoga, Italy


International Encounter

17th Feb to 20th Feb 2011


Universal Wellness through Meditation, Yoga and Holistic Health

sponsored by

Rajasthan Patrika

Conference Chair

Dr. Gulab Kothari


Master Yuji Yahiro of Italy

Master Sakamato Tomotada of Ciba, Japan

International Encounter being organized at Jaipur by Pt. Madhusudan Ojha Institute of Vedic Studies and Research in association with Libera Universita di Oki-Do Mikkyo Yoga, Italy from Feb 17th to Feb 20th, 2011.

The conference chair will be Dr. Gulab Kothari, the President of Pt. Madhusudan Ojha Institute of Vedic Studies and Research, a celebrated writer and journalist.

Theme Elucidation

Despite unimaginable materialistic comforts that man has created for himself through scientific research and technology he is far from happy. It means materialistic advancement may have made his life physically comfortable but in return it has made it diseased and he feels mentally tormented and distressed. He lives in a palace, flies in his private jet and eats the choicest food nevertheless he is mentally a wreck. He doesn’t enjoy spending time with the members of his family. The materialistic affluence has robbed him of his inner happiness. He lives under a perpetual fear, fear of losing wealth and position. He suffers from numerous diseases like aids, cancer, depression, obesity, blocked coronary arteries and spends millions of rupees on doctors, drugs and hospitals. Instead of any relief his agony goes on increasing. He has never had time to think as to why he is so unhappy? What is the real cause of his diseases and mental agony? It is because of his stressful state and unhealthy lifestyle. His disregard for nature and its scenic grandeur has only added to his agony. He has never tried to look within ever for a moment. He remains ignorant of the inner world which is infinitely blissful and a source of real happiness. At present human suffering has already reached its pinnacle. Can there be universal wellness? Can this state of agony which every individual finds himself in be ended or mitigated? Yes, it is possible to get answers to these questions. We have decided to organize an international encounter from Feb. 17 to 20, 2011 at Jaipur. We invite you to come and explore. We believe that yoga and meditation can ensure universal wellness unfolding before us a treasure of holistic health.

Plenary Sessions and Workshops

We plan to have a series of plenary sessions and workshops on various sub-themes.

(a) Sub-Themes for Plenary Sessions
  1. Yoga - A Unique System to Harmonize Body, Mind and Spirit
  2. Modern Lifestyle and Diseases
  3. Meditation - the Gateway to Health, Happiness and Moksha
  4. Okido Yoga - a Pathway to Global Health
  5. The Chakras and Pranas, their Role in Curing Diseases
  6. The Secret of Universal Wellness As Enshrined in the Vedas and Upnishads
  7. Purusharth Chatusthya - The Four Pursuits of Human Life and Global Health

Those who want to speak or present a paper at a particular plenary session, the sub-themes of which are given above, should submit their proposal to the International Coordinator giving the title of their paper and a summary of about 150 words. They should do it as soon as they receive this circular letter. The programme committee will take a decision in a week and will inform you if the proposal has been accepted.

(b) Workshops

We have set apart 1½ hours for each workshops in the afternoon. At a time two workshops can go on. We propose to have 6 workshops in all on any of the area of the conference. He who wants to lead a workshop should submit his proposal giving the title of the workshop and a brief summary of what he wants to discuss at the workshop as soon as possible.

Last Date

Last Date for the submission of proposals to speak at Plenary Sessions or lead workshops is 15th Dec. 2010. But I encourage you to submit it as soon as you receive this letter.

All participants are requested to seek tourist visas only.

Though English would be the official language in all plenary sessions and workshops those who want to make presentations in their native languages should bring their translators with them.


The climate at Jaipur in Feb will be pleasant but participants are advised to bring warm clothes with them.

Last Date for Registration

Those who want to participate in this conference must fill in the registration form given at the end of this brochure. The last date for receiving the completed registration form is Dec. 31, 2010. The organizers will confirm the registration of each individual within a few hours of its receipt. We have limited the number of participants so those who register early will be preferred. If your registration is confirmed we will let you know how to send the registration fee.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for overseas participants is 200US Dollars and for Indian participants, it is Rs. 5000 but the fee for Indian participants doesn’t include hotel stay and dinners. They will be served lunches and refreshments only.

Accommodation and Meals

The overseas delegates will be extended free local hospitality (board and lodging) for four nights i.e. 16th Feb evening to 20th Feb 2011 noon.

Concluding Session

Concluding session will be held at 10AM on 20th Feb. 2011.

Arrival and Departure

Each participant is expected to arrive in Jaipur by the evening of 16th Feb. 2011 and leave by the evening of 20th Feb.

Dr. S.L. Gandhi
International Coordinator

Registration Form

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