Posted: 29.11.2010
Visiting India Dr. Nathan Katz, Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies, FIU, Miami, USA 29.11.2010 Dungergadh Visit (November 29th) Coordinator: Prof. Ashok Bapna Program: Nov. 29th - Meeting with HH Acharya Mahashraman ji at 4pm Nov.29th - Round-table Conference on "Relative Economics" at 7.30pm by Prof. Ashok Bapna Full program: Visit to India ►Dr. Nathan Katz, Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain...
Posted: 29.11.2010
Photos Seminar Forum VC Dr. Samani Charitra Pragya Prof. Nathan Katz Prof. Nathan Katz Delegates Dr. Samani Riju Pragya Samani Rohini Pragya Samani Kusum Pragya(L) Samani Pratibha Pragya Prof. Sagarmal Jain Prof. Sagarmal Jain Prof. Ashok Bapna Prof L.N. Sharma Prof S. Shyam Prasad Prof S. Shyam Prasad Prof. Agnihotri Prof. Ashok Bapna Prof. J.P.N. Mishra Prof. J.N. Sharma Prof. J.N. Sharma Prof. S.L...
Posted: 27.11.2010
18.11.2010 ► Acharya Mahashraman, Sardarshahar, Kuber Palace
Posted: 26.11.2010
Visiting India Dr. Nathan Katz, Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies, FIU, Miami, USA 27.-29.11.2010 Ladnun Visit Coordinator: Prof. B.R. Dugar Program: Nov. 27-29 - National seminar on "Non-possessive Consciousness and Business Ethics". Open session with the delegates of the seminar. Meeting with the JVBU Professors and other members. Visit to JVB campus and library including manuscript exhibition. Nov...
Posted: 25.11.2010
Visiting India Dr. Nathan Katz, Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies, FIU, Miami, USA 25.11.2010 Seminar on "Exploring New Possibilities of Jainological Studies" at Vidya Bharati School, Suryanagar, Delhi and Meeting with Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar at 10am to 12.30pm. The coordinator of the seminar is Dr. Kusum Dhanpat Lunia. Meeting with ISJS scholars at 3 to 4.30pm (Dr. Shugan Chand Jain: Contact No...
Posted: 24.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Acharya Mahashraman delivering pravachan in school of Bandhnau Audience Acharya Mahashraman reached Bandhnau from Choti Sawai
Posted: 23.11.2010
Visiting India Dr. Nathan Katz, Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies, FIU, Miami, USA 24.11.2010 ►Meeting with Dr. Karan Singh, the Director of ICCR [Indian Council For Cultural Relations] Full program: Visit to India ►Dr. Nathan Katz, Bhagwan Mahavir Professor of Jain Studies, Florida International University
Posted: 23.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Acharya Mahashraman reached Chhoti Sawai Acharya Mahashraman giving pravachan in a school of village People followed Acharya Mahashraman from Sardarshahar to new destination
Posted: 22.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Ratan Dugar secretary of chaturams arrangement committee bowing to Acharya Mahashraman Acharya Mahashraman towards journey to Bikaner after completion of chaturmas Peoples want to take darshand from nearest point Acharya Mahashraman with monks walking Acharya Mahashraman accepting vandana of devotees People following Acharya Mahashraman Acharya Mahashrman at samadhi of 5th Acharya...
Posted: 22.11.2010
Justice Smt. Vimla Jain ►First Jain Women Justice Of A High Court In India The President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil appointed Smt. Vimla Jain as Judge of the Madhya Pradesh High Court. The Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh Shri Rafat Alam administered oath of office to Smt. Jain on 13th September 2010 at Jabalpur in presence of all the Judges and Advocates of M.P. High Court. The eminent Jurists,...
Posted: 21.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Sumati Gothi expressing his good wishes to Acharya Mahashraman for forthcoming journey after completion of chaturmas Vivek Sahay president of Railway Board doing darshan of Acharya Mahashraman Audience hearing pravchan of Raja Pradeshi and Shraman Keshi as per tradition Bimalkumar Nahata Sumati Gothi giving memento to Vivek Sahay Dignitaries Acharya Mahashraman requested by one...
Posted: 20.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Bimalkumar Nahata was honoured by local sabha president Ashok Nahata Rajkaran Sirohia honoured by local sabha Ratan Dugar honoured by local sabha
Posted: 19.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Jeevan Vigyan Day Celebrations Girls sitting in disciplined manner Impressive look of boys and girls Acharya Mahashraman addressing boys and girls. Acharya Mahashraman addressing boys and girls. Muni Kishanlal Girls following instruction given by Muni Kishanlal.
Posted: 19.11.2010
Muni Mahendra Kumar presently in Delhi Schedule in Hindi
Posted: 18.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Mahasabha president and chief trustee Chainrup Chindalia and Rajendra Bachhawat presenting memento to Bachhawat family. Sumati Gothi keeping bricks. Pannalal Pugalia and others are performing Jain Sanskar Vidhi. Rajkaran Sirohia Audience Sanskarak chanting Jain mantra Chainrup Chindalia, president of Mahasabha Surendra Surana Pannalal Puglaia, Ratan Dugar, Bajrang Sethia and others...
Posted: 17.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Muni Jayantkumar giving new book of Acharya Mahaprajna to Acharya Mahashraman Acharya Mahashraman released 300th book of Acharya Mahaprajna Acharya Mahashraman showing book to public. Book edited by Muni Jayantkumar. Mangalchand Bhanwarlal Baid family presented book SEVA SANDIPAN for release.
Posted: 16.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos
Posted: 16.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photo Preksha Meditation Camp starting 16.11.2010, Dehli, Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra
Posted: 15.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Acharya Mahashraman and Muni Dinesh Kumar in welcome function of tap doing persons. Terapanth Yuvak Parishad, Sardarshahar welcome all who performed tap during chaturmas. .Young girl honoured for her tapasya. Youngest boy awarded for his tap. Post holder of Teyup are giving photo to lady. Girls happy to get award but more happy to be recognised. Youth also performed long fast.
Posted: 14.11.2010
Article in Hindi, Photos
Posted: 14.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Sri O.P. Bhat. chairman of State Bank Of India, Sumati Gothi and Director of Ukraine Preksha Centre. Acharya Mahashraman and attentive audience. Russian and Ukraine delegates presenting song. Sponsor of prize Sumati Gothi delivering welcome speech. Sri O.P. Bhat chairman of State Bank Of India giving his lecture as chief guest. O.P. Bhat and Sumati Gothi handing over prize to...
Posted: 13.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos 6 day Jeevan Vigyan Camp ended. Savitri Jindal was present in ending ceremony. Acharya Mahashraman inspired all students continue in life with what they learnt in camp. Honour in presence of Acharya Mahashraman. Sumati Gothi giving memento to Arati Paul who excercised hard yoga. Sumati Gothi honouring trainer. Jitendra Nahata honouring to one gentleman Swarupchand Bararia presented...
Posted: 13.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos 19 year old Arati Paul and 10 year old Arushi performed many hard Asanas very easily - surprise to all.
Posted: 12.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Sumati Gothi welcoming delegates in international preksha meditation camp Participants accepting upsampada of camp Acharya Mahashraman giving training for Preksha meditation. Muni Kumar Shraman beside him Fifty International trainee learning and practising meditation in presence of Acharya Mahashraman Participants enjoying meditation and feeling peace and bliss...
Posted: 11.11.2010
News in Hindi
Posted: 10.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Sumati Gothi president of chaturmas arrangement committee presenting memento to Jitendra Nahata newly elected secretary of Jain Vishva Bharti. Jitendra Nahata presenting jeevan vigyan poster to Acharya Mahashraman Devotees hearing pravachan of Acharya Mahashraman.
Posted: 09.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Jinendra Kothari and others are presenting souvenir of Saman Sanskriti. Souvenir of Saman Sanskriti released by Acharya Mahashraman Audience Dignitaries in function organised by Terapanth Yuvak Parishad. One poet presenting his poem Surendra Sharma noted poet Muni Mohjeet Kumar Muni Kumar Shraman Sumati Gothi presented memento to Hulas Choraria
Posted: 08.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Sponsor Bimal Nahata giving prize to winner of Chobisi competition Acharya Mahashraman consulting Muni Jitendra Kumar and Muni Himanshu Kumar Acharya Mahashraman addressing jeevan vigyan international camp. Muni Kishanlal beside him Girl participants in camp Boys participants in jeevan vigyan camp
Posted: 07.11.2010
News in Hindi
Posted: 06.11.2010
The Festival of Deepawali, attached with Lord Mahavira and Lord Rama, may spread the light of knowledge to each and every home to be expressed in character.
Posted: 06.11.2010
Acharya Mahashraman Dipavali sandesh 25:02
Posted: 05.11.2010
Happy Diwali Happy New Year no crackers In the footprints of Mahavir may the light of knowledge shine upon all your steps ahead Peace of Mind Balanced emotions Trusting yourself Enjoy a Happy Diwali
Posted: 04.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos Acharya Mahashraman addressing Gyabshala children Gyanshala children presenting mini drama Gyanshala children singing a song Ashok Nahata and Karnidan Chindalia honouring Mr. & Mrs. Bimal Nahata Bimal Kumar Nahata honouring Mahila Mandal Gyanshala girls with their presentation
Posted: 04.11.2010
3 new Books authored and co-authored by Dr. Sohan Raj Tater: Gandhi and the Geeta by Dr. Anil Dutta Mishra, Prof. Saroj Kumar Jha, Dr. Sohan Raj Tater Yoga Therapy by Dr. Sohan Raj Tater, Dr. Amarjeet Yadav Bhariya Darshan Ki Molik Avdharnaye by Dr. Sohan Raj Tater, Dr. Vidhyasagar Singh
Posted: 03.11.2010
News in Hindi, Photos President of Jain Vishva Bharti and other dignataries in function Ratan Dugar presenting memento to Samani Mangalprajna outgoing V.C of JVBU Samani Charitraprajna Newly appointed V.C of JVBU presenting her view in presence of Acharya Mahashraman
Posted: 02.11.2010
News in Hindi
Posted: 01.11.2010
News in Hindi

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