3rd All India Conference of Terapanth Professionals ►Sardarshahar ►2010, August 7-8 ►Report

Published: 03.11.2010
Updated: 30.07.2015

Terapanth Professionals

Report of 3rd National Conference of TPF
Held On 7th & 8th August 2010 at Sardarsahar

The 3rd National Conference of Terapanth Professional Forum held at Sardarsahar on 7th & 8th of August 2010 was historic in itself as there were 175 professionals from 15 State of India gathered to dwell upon the future course of action of TPF as well as to discuss the Theme of the conference “Developing Society through Self Development”.

The proceedings of the conference began with the Manglacharan by Acharya Sri Mahashraman. TPF Geet was recited by Sri Raj Kumar Banaria. The National president of TPF Sri Narendra Shamsukha welcomed all the guests & Delegates and briefly presented the objectives and structure of TPF. The conference kit was presented to Acharyasri by Sri Deepchand Dugar, representing the sponsor of the conference Sri Moolchand Vikas Kumar Maloo, President, Secretary and the Convenor Sri Salil Lodha presented the kit to Mukhya Niyoka, Muni Dhananjay kumar, Muni Rajneesh Kumar and others.

In his presentation TPF incharge Munishri Rajneesh Kumar appealed to all the professionals to involve in the various Aayams of Terapanth Dharam Sangh and help in promoting the ideals of Terapanth internationally. Speaking on the topic of “Crisis Managament through Preksha Dhyan”, Samani Charitra Pragya stress on the importance of Preksha Dhyan and making it part of life style. Mukhya Niyoka Sadhvi Vishrutvibha felt that professionals have imaginations, Innovations, Intuition and illustrative and their involvement in Dharamsangh’s activities will take Terapanth Dharam Sangh to newer heights.

Acharyashri Mahashraman in his address to professionals said professionals have knowledge and intelligence which should be made use in finding the solutions to various problems and not in creating problems. Intelligence coupled with purity can be of great help in doing lots of good and constructive activities. He emphasized on the importance of self development because only after self development, one can thinks and contribute to the development of society and dharam sangh. He felt the professionals should strive to make the earth as better place to live i.e., to make earth a Heaven, do such good works that the heaven comes to earth.

The Abhinandhan Patra was read by the Vice President Smt Jayarakecha and presented to Acharyasri Mahashraman for him taking over as the 11th Acharya of Terapanth Dharam Sangh by National President Narendra Shamsukha and all the office bearers of National TPF.

The National Vice President of South Zone Sri Sanjay Dhariwal while presenting the TPF newsletter, informed the Audience the purpose, the features and the structure of newsletter. He presented the first copy of the NewsLetter to Acharyasri and the other office bearers presented it to other Munis and Sadhavis. The Chief Speaker Sri G.L. Jain spoke about the role of professionals in promoting the ideals of Terapanth Dharam Sangh. Chief Guest Sri Sushil Patawari emphasised on the importance of Self Development and Contributing to the Development of Society by all the professionals. All the guest were presented momentos. Co-convenor of the conference Sri Deepak Pincha proposed the vote of thanks and convenor of the conference Sri Salil Lodha compered the inaugural session.

The second Technical session of the conference began with Sri Sanjay Dhariwal, Vice President of TPF presenting the theme of the conference “Developing Society through Self Development”. In his address, Munisri Kumar Sarman requested the professionals to join the main stream of Terapanth Dharam Sangh and how they can contribute to the various activities by their involvement and associations. Joint Secretary of TPF Sri Sushil Choraria compered this session. The 3rd session, “Professionalism through Jainism” was compered by Nikita Pincha. The speaker Sri Vinod Baid dwelt upon the various Jain theories relevant to professions. SriSanjeev Chhajer spoke on the importance of development of professionals through application of Jain principles. Sri Vimal Ghodawat Vice President - Central Zone, Sri Prakash Baid Vice President - East Zone presented the momentoes to the guests.

The 4th session of the conference was relating to the presentation of report by all the Zonal Presidents about the various activities in their respective zones. Smt Jaya Rakhecha and Sri Sanjay Jain presented the report of North zone, Sri Sanjay Dhariwal - South, Sri Prakash Baid - East Zone, Sri Salil Lodha of West Zone and Sri Vimal Ghodawat of Central Zone.

The session before the Dinner was to involve all the delegates through the group discussions which was conducted by Sri Bajrang Jain, Sri Inderchand Dudheria and Sri Nirmal Sancheti. Delegates from same zone were grouped together and each group presented the report of their discussions on the theme of conference Developing Society through Self Development.

The most important session of the day was having interaction with Acharya Sri All the delegates got one-to-one discussion with Acharyasri with regard to their doubts, clarification and suggestions.

The last session of the day was open discussion on the TPF constitution. Sri Sampat Nahata informed the various provision of contribution. He clarified the doubt and agreed to consider the suggestions made by the members/delegates. Everyone present participated freely in the discussion aimed at improving the working and structure of TPF. Secretary Sri Inderchand Dudheria thanked Sri Sampatmal Nahata for his efforts and support.

The Second day of the conference started with Guru Darshan and Preksha Meditation by Munishri Kishnalal. The velidictory session was compered by Secretary Sri Inderchand Dudheria which started with Manglacharan by Munisri Neeraj Kumar, Munisri Dhanjay Kumar informed the facts behind starting the TPF and also the expectations Acharyasri Mahapragya had from this forum. Sadhvi Pramukha Kanakprabha stressed on the importance of character. She motivated professionals to have highest degree of ethics in their professionals and personal life. She said people with moral values and character can lay a solid foundation to any organization. Acharyasri Mahasharman requested professionals to become international speakers in the fields of Anuvrat, PrakshaDhayan, Jeevan Vigyan, Terapanth Darshan and Jain Darshan and contribute in promoting the ideals of Terapanth Dharamsangh.

Chief Guest of the function Sri Ganpat Bhandari and Chief Speaker Sri Goutanchand Choraria also spoke about the involvement of professionals in the activities of Dharam Sangh and society and development of society through self development. Guests and the team of youth who contributed in the smooth conduct of conference were honoured by TPF. The sponsors of the conference Sri Moolchand Vikas Kumar Maloo were presented the momentos by the National President. Sri Prakash Bararia, Treasurer proposed the vote of thanks.

The concluding session with regard to “Resolution of conference & Action Plan” was in presence of Munishri Rajneesh Kumar. Sri Ashok Surana from Bangalore sang the Gitika as Manglacharan and Sri Prakash Nahata gave a presentation with regard to career councelling. Convenor of conference Sri Salil Lodha thanked all the people who helped in successfully organizing the conference. He also asked for forgiveness for all the short comings. Secretary Sri Inderchand Dudheria proposed the vote of thanks and read the Resolutions of the conference:


  1. To develop international speakers in 5 areas - (a) Terapanth Darshan(b)Jain Philosophy(c) Anuvrat (d) Praksha Dhyan(e) Heevan Vigyan.
  2. To inform, guide and support youngsters to take up various professions through career councelling.
  3. To develop centres for each professions for facilitating the new and young professionals.
  4. To have atleast 10 branches of TPF operational within the year.
  5. To have Zonal conference in each zones.

It was historic - It was memorable - And a stepping stone in the personal development of professionals, which will lead to the development of society and Dharamsangh.

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