Healing Power of Namaskar Mantra

Posted: 08.11.2010
Updated on: 30.07.2015

Healing Power of Namaskar Mantra


http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/Jainism/General/Healing_Power_of_NM.jpg The experiments in the efficacy of a mantra (spell and incantation) have been going on not only among Indian religions and castes but among the religions of every country in the world. It is a unique discovery by Indian rishis and sages. The scriptures which describe these mantras are not the result of their wayward imagination but they are the result of their sadhana and inner experiences. This mantra vidya (knowledge of mystical formulae) owes its origin, development and success to India and it was from here that it gradually spread across the world. This Indian vidya or what we call Indian science of mantras is complete in itself. There is no exaggeration or distortion of facts and I can say emphatically that they have a scientific basis.

Mantra Vidya is a technique, a methodology. If a mantra is recited with reverence and faith, success is assured. If your faith in Namaskar Mantra you want to practice has permeated every pore of your body and if it has become steadfast and unshakable, the mantra will undoubtedly show its impact at any moment.

Namaskar Mantra is considered to be the most excellent of all mantras. It is a beej mantra - a seed or basic mantra. A mantra may be short, it may contain a few words but just as a mighty banyan tree lies hidden in a seed, similarly the power of a mantra consisting of just two or three words remains hidden in its deep meaning and sound. It has maximum in the minimum. Namaskar Mantra is an act of obeisance to five Parmeshtis (five divine souls). It is a process of paying obeisance to five kinds of pure souls. It is the only mantra of its kind in the world which is non-sectarian and is not based on a particular name of a Thirthankara or a religious order. It doesn't carry a label of a particular religious sect. It only asks the individual to bow before the five categories of souls who possess spiritual qualities. They include Arihants (spiritual victors - those who have conquered themselves by annihilating their passions), Siddhas - those who are fully liberated souls, completely free from the cycle of birth and death, Acharyas (preceptors), Upadhyaas (interpreters of spiritual texts) and all Sadhus and Sadhvis (ascetics) irrespective of their religious affiliation. The only condition is that they are pure in word, thought and deed. Those who seek moksha will find this mantra a panacea. Om is regarded as the best mantra but Namaskar Mahamantra is also second to none as regards its effect and popularity. It has the power to control the five elements in our body. In addition to it, it also has the power to free an individual from the evil planetary influence. If a person recites 'Namo Arihantanam', it proves very useful in controlling the element of the water in the body. It can also remove the obstacles created by the chandra (moon) and shukra (venus). The recitation of 'Namo Siddhanam' can control agni tatva, (the element of fire) and can also rid the individual of the ailments caused by this element. It can also remove the barriers created by the planets surya (sun) and mangal (mars). The line 'Namo Ayariyanam' (I bow before Acharyas) has in it the power to control the diseases caused by the akash (space) and remove the obstacles created by the planet brihaspati (jupiter). If one chants 'Namo Oovvjjhyanam (I bow before the spiritual teachers), the recitation will control the diseases created by the element of prithvi (earth) and can remove the obstacles created by the planet mercury. The chanting of 'Namo loe savva sahunam (I bow before any ascetic of the world) can cure a person from the disease caused by vayu tatva (air) and can remove the obstacles created by shani (saturn) and rahu/ketu.

Namaskar Mantra teaches us the art of living so that we can begin a pilgrimage for the liberation of our soul. Mantra is a matter of faith. It proves auspicious and excellent if one tries to understand the meaningfulness of the word used in a mantra, know the emotion underlying it and realizes the significance of its sound. Its true practice lies in the purity of thought. After being familiar with the significance of the thought, vibration, meaningfulness and sound if one recites it, it yields the desired results. The key to success in the use of a mantra lies in its correct pronunciation and understanding of its meaning.

What is important is that one who uses the chanting of namokar mantra to mitigate one's suffering should learn the correct way of chanting it. One should learn how to contemplate it. In this body made of five elements basically only two powers operate: they are called surya shakti (fire element) and chandra shakti (water element). One can reach every muscle and pore of the body with the help of these two powers. Namaskar Mahamantra is a ladder with the help of which one can reach the pinnacle of success in one's life. It is not only a cure for all forms of ailments but it is also an instrument for the purification of human emotions. Thus it is a means not only for worldly success, health and happiness but it is also a means to attain our ultimate goal i.e. moksha. One who wants to benefit from Namaskar Mahamantra should recite it in one's mind or aloud without any motivation. A favourable or auspicious result happens naturally. There is no doubt that the chanting of Namokar Mahamantra can solve all over problems.

I pay my obeisance to the five categories of the souls mentioned in Namaskar Mantra, Namaskar Mantra encompasses within itself everything that is desired of a true prayer.

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