This Sunday, 11/14 is your Gyanshala sharp at 2:25 PM

Posted: 12.11.2010

"Soul is my God, Renunciation is my Prayer, Amity is my Devotion, Self-Restraint is my Strength, Non-violence is my Religion" 

- Yug Pradhan Mahapragyaji  


JVB Gyanshala is Inspired & Blessed by Gurudev Tulsi, Yug Pradhan Mahaprgyaji & Acharyashree Mahashramnji. It is to shield our Youth from Perturbed Environment. It runs under the auspicious Guidance & Tutoring of Respected Samani Mudit Pragyaji and Samani Amit Pragyaji.


Dear Students and Parents,

This Sunday, 11/14 is your Gyanshala at sharp 2:25 pm.

Do not miss the Jain Assembly, it is must for all Gyanshala students; begins at Sharp 2:30 PM. 



  • Your Gyanshala schedule: NOTE TIME CHANGE


2:30 PM to 2:55 PM

Jain Assembly for all students by Samniji and Teachers (Jain Prayers, Chanting Sloks, Stavans, Breathing excercises) - Parents are welcome. 

2:55 PM to 3:45 PM

Jain Study class - All levels (Gyan, Darshan, Charitra & Tap Group) 

3:45 PM to 4:30 PM

Art/Yoga class - All levels(divided into two groups - Small and Big)


  •  Encourage Friends and Relatives to join JVB Gyanshala.

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