Arhat Vandanā ► 0.1 Blessings

Posted: 15.11.2010




The consciousness of materialism produces attachment. As a householder it is impossible to give up completely a materialistic life. It is essential however to maintain a balance between the spiritual and societal. Spiritual awareness of even a few moments can help to reduce the intensity of attachment towards matter. A non-materialistic attitude is the consciousness of restraint and this consciousness increases spiritual ability.

Arhat Vandanā is one of the ways to awaken spiritual consciousness. The Arhat is omniscient, omnipotent and an ideal. This book is a salutation to the Arhat. By performing Arhat Vandanā we are not asking for any thing from the Arhat; we are simply expressing our desire to become like them. It is suggested that one practice Arhat Vandanā on a daily basis.

Acharya Mahapragya
16 March 2008

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