Posted: 16.12.2010
By Prof. M.A. Dhaky
7 The Date of Vidyānanda Literary and Epigraphical Evidence Vidyānanda and Māṇikyanandi (the latter of the Parīkṣāmukha fame), the pontiffs of the Southern Church, along with Siddharṣi (active c. AD 890-920) of the Northern Church, belong to the last batch of the great epistemologists within the ambit of the Br̥had-Nirgrantha tradition. Vidyānanda’s known works, some of which are famous, are the...
Posted: 14.12.2010
By Dr. C.S. Vasudevan
This article is a revised and enlarged version of the article published in Kevalabodhi . The details are as follows: ‘Kannada Inscriptions of Jaina Affiliation from Andhra Pradesh’, Kevala Bodhi (Buddhist and Jaina History of the Deccan) - The BSL Commemorative Volume, (Ed.) Aloka Parasher-Sen, Vol. II, pp. 291-298. 5 Donation Pattern to the Jinalayas as gleaned from Kannada Inscriptions of Andhra Pradesh...
Posted: 13.12.2010
By Prof. Dr. Shrinivas Ritti
4 An Interesting Jaina Inscription from Varānga (Karnataka) Varānga is a small village situated in the Karkala taluk of South Kanara District of Karnataka State. It was a flourishing Jaina religious centre in the medieval days. It was considered as one of the most sacred seats of the Jainas along with Dilli, Malayādri, Vijayanagara and Poṭṭa Ponbuchcha (...
Posted: 10.12.2010
By Dr. Iravatham Mahadevan
2 Early Jainism in Tamilnadu - New Epigraphic Evidence The decipherment of cave inscriptions in Tamilnadu has produced new evidence proving conclusively the association of Jainism with the caves. There are no vestiges of Buddhist or Ājīvika occupation of the caves. The hitherto unsuspected influence of old Kannada on the language of the cave inscriptions from the earliest period has shown that Jainism reached...

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