Posted: 12.05.2008
The National Institute of Prakrit Studies and Research - An institute dedicated to the promotion of Prakrit Most of the Jain literature is recorded in Prakrit languages In ancient India, Prakrit was the language of the common man Jains used the people's language to promote their philosophy Ardhamagadhi, Shouraseni and Apabransh are prominent Prakrit languages ABODE OF KNOWLEDGE: The National Institute of...
Posted: 06.05.2008
By Dr. Anne Vallely
Jaina Studies was the focus of two academic panels at the 2007 American Academy of Religion (AAR) conference held in November in San Diego. The 'Religion in South Asia' section of the AAR had a panel devoted specifically to Jaina Studies. It featured papers from Jim Hastings, Whitney Kelting, Sherry Fohr, Stephen Quinlan and Anne Vallely. The panel, organized by Anne Vallely, and entitled: 'Transcending...

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