Posted: 01.05.2012
By Surendra Pal
Emperor Akbar and Jain Community As is well known, the Jains were mostly concentrated in Rajasthan and Gujarat though their pockets existed almost throughout the country besides some places in western India and south India. A work of the fifteenth century shows that the members of Jain community were also to be found in Malwa, in Sindh, Haryana, and the Punjab. We also learn that between Samvat 1475 and Samvat...
Posted: 16.12.2011
The History of Gujarathi's Settlement in Kerala The migration of the Gujaratis to the three port cities of Kerala occurred at different stages of time. The fact that it was a Gujarati who showed the Portuguese the way to Calicut is sufficient proof to say that they had earlier contacts with Calicut than the European Traders. When Muhammed Ghazni attacked Gujarat the merchants fled to different parts of the...
Posted: 08.11.2011
By Dr. H.L. Jain
This article was published in June 1947 in The Jaina Gazette (Volume XLIV, No. 6, pp. 84-86) on the occasion of a misunderstanding speech by Sir Mirza Muhammad Ismail, who was the Diwan (Prime Minister) of Mysore, Jaipur and Hyderabad in that time. So this paper, if considered as a source of contemporary history, depicts the superficial knowledge on Jainism among large parts of the Indian population of these...

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