Six Leshyas

Posted: 23.04.2011
Updated on: 30.07.2015

Leshya is spiritual mental colourisation.

Jain scriptures state that Bondage and Liberation mainly depend on mental state.

Mental stages are never uniform. They go on changing.

They change to following different patterns:


  1. Intensely black that is highly defiled, excessively evil
  2. Black that is defiled, evil
  3. Grey (brinjal flower) that is less defiled, less evil
  4. Yellow (Rising Sun) that is evil-cum good, impure-cum pure
  5. Lotus (colour or gold) that is pure, good
  6. Luminous white that is best, purest highly luminous

Leshyas are mental stages of transformation when mind comes in contact with different substances, one’s mental state changes accordingly. On account of its association with various types of aggregates of atoms, mind undergoes different transformation experiences varied influences. They are called Leshya. Mental state assumes the colour of that type of substance in whose vicinity the mind happens to be.

The first 3 colours are intensely black, Black and gray represent evil aspects but in descending order. So, intensely black is worst evil, Black is evil but gray is mildly evil. Likewise no 4,5,6, are represent good aspects and in increasing order. Thus, Yellow is fairly good, Lotus is good but Luminous white is the best.

The good mental state arises an account of the association of mind with good substance is good Leshya, and the bad / evil mental state that arises on account of the association of mind with evil substance is evil Leshya.

According to good or evil or according to their colour-pattern the 6 Leshyas are also known as

  1. Krishna Leshya
  2. Nil Leshya
  3. Kapot Leshya
  4. Pit Leshya / Tejo Leshya
  5. Padma Leshya and
  6. Shukla Leshya

The Leshyas have effects or Karma, and good Leshyas create good Karma and evil Leshyas result in evil karmas.

Leshyas excites passions, but they themselves are not nature of passions.

Leshya is a nature of transformation of activities (yoga) and it last so long as activities (yoga) last. Leshya ceases to exist only in 14th ‘Gun Sthanaka’ when all activities cease to exist i.e. death.

Again, Leshya is of two types - Deavya Leshya and Bhav-Leshya (material Leshya and spiritual Leshya)

In the modern scientific experiences it has been found that even though vibrations ensuing from mind have colours. The theory of six Leshyas indications different degrees of soul’s internal purity or impurity as shown above, shown in Jain scriptures is in conformity with modern scientific beliefs.

Goshalaka had given detailed discipline of 6 Leshyas and their psychic colours. It is known from that he had spend 6 years with Lord Mahavira as his disciple.

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