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Posted: 27.04.2011

The name of the seventh chapter is Mahāparijña - 'The Great Comprehension and Abandonment'. Unfortunately, it is extinct now. Although there is no clear clue to find out how did it become extinct, yet we can make our conjecture.

On the basis of the description of the contents of Mahāparijña, as given in the Ācārāṅga Niryukti, it is known that it dealt with the topic of the great comprehension and abandonment.[1] Later on, it did not seem proper to give its knowledge to all disciples indiscriminately. Thus on account of such restriction, the text of the chapter went into oblivion, gradually. There is also a hearsay that that there was depiction of several branches of knowledge (including occult sciences) in it. The Acharyas put a ban on its learning lest it may be misused. Thus, by the passage of time, it might have become extinct. In reality, only the opinion of the Niryuktii seems to be true. There were some topics of conduct for knowing in it, which only the highly learned monks were eligible. The plea that their learning and teaching would not be beneficial for all monks was responsible for ban on its studies.

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