05.-06.02.2011 ►2nd Acharya Sri Mahapragya Smriti Swasthya Parikshan Sivir

Published: 17.05.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015


Terapanth Professional Forum

5th & 6th February 2011, 147th Maryada Mahotsav Pravas - Rajaldesar

On the occasion of the 147th Maryada Mahotsav, which is also the 1st Maryada Mahotsav of Acharya Sri Mahashraman as the 11th Acharya of Terapanth Dharam Sangh, Terapanth Professional Forum organized its Second Health Check-Up Camp in its series of Acharya Sri Mahapragya Smriti Swasthya Parikshan Shivir. The said camp was held at Mahashraman Vihar, Rajaldesar on 5th and 6th of February 2011.

This camp was an Orthopaedic Health Check-Up Camp and was organized in association with Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad. 11 doctors and their assistants listed hereunder participated in the camp and offered their selfless dedicated services to the Sadhus and Sadhvis of the Dharam Sangh and also to the general Public. In total around 85 Charitra Atmas and 400 Patients from the general public benefited from their services.

The registration process had started 3 days in advance to keep the camp working systematically. Leaflets & Announcement Tableau took rounds in the town and nearby to inform the public about the camp. Banners were displayed at all major locations. A general awareness presentation was made by the doctors present in the pawan sanidhya of Sadhvi Pramukha Sri Ji in which he informed those present about the latest trends in knee replacement surgery, other non-surgical techniques, bone care and took questions from those present. Physiotherapists then displayed some of the basic exercises which could keep the back pain, cervical pain and keen aches away.

After the pravachan of Acharya Sri, a small felicitation ceremony was organized by TPF. Coordinator of this camp informed the Chaturvid Dharam Sangh about TPF, Their Purpose and Activities. He welcomed the professionals to join this movement to make a difference to the society. He requested the families of the professionals to ensure every professional member of their family is a member of TPF. He thanked the participating doctors for sparing their valuable time for the noble deed. Dr. Dhiraj Marothi, the Coordinator from Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad then introduced his organization and accompanying doctors and expressed his gratefulness on getting a chance to participate in this camp. He appreciated the Camp Coordinator for the efforts put in organizing the camp in this grand scale.

The doctors were then gifted Literature and Welcome Kit. Acharya Sri said he was happy that TPF has undertaken the responsibility to organize such camps frequently and inspired all to realize their responsibility to the Dharam Sangh and the Humanity. He praised Muni Sri Rajnish Kumar Ji for guiding TPF so efficiently. This whole camp has been a Brain Child of Munishri and he has been working on it for many months now. The Coordinator, Sri Ashok Parakh and Sri Manish Moyal has been helping Munishri in his efforts in organizing this camp.

Acharya Sri Mahashraman Maryada Mahotsav Pravas Vyastha Samiti, also the co-organizers of the camp then thanked the participating doctors and TPF for being so active in sangh Sewa. They presented a Momento to the Camp Coordinator, appreciating his tireless efforts to make this camp a success. After this the Camp Coordinator expressed his gratefulness and on behalf of TPF to Gurudev for his divine blessings & Munishri Rajnish Kumar Ji for his tireless guidance and inspiration in organizing this camp. He thanked the Co-organizers Pravas Vyastha Samiti, for their help in organizing the camp, Shalby Hospital and its Doctors for participating in the camp, Tulsi Sewa Sansthan, Sri Dungargarh for providing the X-ray machine and technicians, Sri Ashok ji Parakh, Sri Manish Moyal, Sri Rakesh Jain and Sri Saurabh Jain for their help.

The camp lasted for two days, with the first day being dedicated to the Charitra Atmas and second day for general public. The camp was the second one in its series and both had been huge success. The people in general appreciated the work of Terapanth Professional Forum and expressed their gratefulness to the Terapanth Dharam sangh.

Terapanth Professional Forum has committed to continue its endeavours to bring a positive change to the society and planning for the next multi speciality camp has already begun. It’s worth being noted that the whole camp was in reality a Selfless and Dedicated Free Service to the society and No Financial Burden was levied on any organization in the organizing of the camp.

The Camp Coordinator seeks the blessings of Guruvar, the Charitra Aatmas and calls on the fellow professional Members to raise and accept their responsibility towards the society and live upto the motto of our association, "Humara Sangh-Humara Daitva".

Om Arham!

LIST OF PARTICIPATING DOCTORS                                   

Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Dhiraj Marothi
Dr. Deepak Saini
Dr. Dhiren Mankad

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Sandeep Jhala

Pain Management

Dr. Milan Mehta


Dr. Bharat Rajpurohit
5 Junior Doctors



Muni Rajneesh Kumar talking to Doctor.


Doctor checking one elderly lady.


Muni Rajnish Kumar ji introducing the team of Doctors to Acharyashri Mahashraman ji, Mantri Muni Sumermalji sitting besides Acharyashree.


Muni Rajneesh kumar with team of Doctors.


Doctor inspecting Blood Pressure of Muni Amrit Kumar


One monk prepare for medical test


Lady Doctor and Nuns.

Sushil Choraria
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