Samani Prasanna Pragya and Samani Vikas Pragya in London

Posted: 21.06.2011
Updated on: 30.11.2012

Samani Prasanna Pragya

Samani Prasanna Pragya

Samani Vikas Pragya

With the blessings and guidance of Acharya Shree Mahashramanji Samani Prasanna Pragya has returned to London accompanied by Samani Vikas Pragya on 23rd May 2011. Whilst she has travelled extensively in India and also visited countries in Southeast Asia and Middle East, this is Samani Vikas Pragya’s first visit to Europe. She holds an MA in Jainology from Jain Vishva Bharati University.


A programme was held on 5th June at Kings Edge Medical Centre, Kingsbury, North London. Mr Ashokbhai Gudka welcomed the Samanijis on behalf of JVB London and Mr Rashmibhai Shah informed the audience about future programmes. The programme started with the recitation of Namaskar Mahamanrta. This was followed by a hymn praising Lord Parswananth which was led by Samani Vikas Pragya in her melodious voice. A dhunled by Mr Saggar Malde concluded the bhakti.

Samanijis have decided to give lectures on avashyaks (essential activities for the perfection and the purification of the soul) on a fortnightly basis. There are six avashyaks:

  1. Samayika
  2. Chaturvimshati Stava
  3. Vandana
  4. Pratikramana
  5. Kayotsarga
  6. Pratyakhana

The first lecture was on, “Key to a blissful life through Chauvistthava”. (Thisstotrais also called Chaturvimshati Stavaas well as LogassaSutra).This avashyakallows us to pray to and appreciate the attributes of the twenty-four Tirthankaras. By reciting the Logassa Sutrawith true faith, we aim to attain the qualities of the Tirthankaras and thus purify our beliefs and attain right faith. Samani Prasanna Pragya briefly explained the meanings of the stotra’sseven verses. She said that the daily recitation of this stotra connects a devotee with the twenty-four Tirthankarasand helps achieve good health and peace of mind. She also demonstrated the method of reciting the Logassa Sutrato obtain the maximum benefit of this prayer.


During the course of the programme, Samani Prasanna Pragya informed the audience on her participation in the Maryada Mahotsavwhen she was in India. She also talked about Acharya Shree Mahashramanji’s 50th birthday celebrations and his continuation of ahimsa yatra which was initiated by Late Acharya Mahapragyaji. Samani Prasanna Pragya told everyone that their current visit to United Kingdom is for a period of six months. During this time, apart from visiting Jain communities outside London, they plan to visit cities in Western Europe. They will also be participating in inter faith meetings. Apart from visiting the homes of the lay members of the Jain community, Samanijis are also tutoring students who have enrolled for the distance learning course of Jain Vishva Bharati University.


Mr. Dinesh Z. Shah thanked both the samanijis for an uplifting programme. The programme was concluded with the recitation of mangal pathby the samanijis.

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