Parshwanath Vidyapeeth Jain Research Institute Since 1937

Published: 28.06.2011
Updated: 02.07.2015
Parshwanath Vidhyapeeth

Jain Research Institute Since1937

Recognized by Banaras Hindu University as an External Research Centre


Parshwanath Vidyapeeth, as it is known today, was established as a memorial tribute to H. H. Pujya Acharya Shri Sohan Lal Ji in 1937 for work in the field of Indological research with special emphasis on Jainology by Sthanakvasi samaj of Amritsar under leadership of Late Lala Harjasrai Jain of Amritsar.

Since its inception PV had done commendable work in the arena of research and publication on Jain Philosophy, Culture, History, Prakrit language, Jain Art etc. Besides, 162 publications to its credit, 65 scholars of the PV had been awarded Ph.D. by Banaras Hindu University, which recognizes PV as a Research centre in the field of Jainology. PV is also recognized by Scientific & Industrial Research Organization, Dept. of Science and Technology, Government of India for conducting research. PV has been regularly organizing National Seminars, symposia, and lecture series and brings out a quarterly Tri-lingual research journal Shramana. In view of its unique status and the contribution in the study of Jainology and other branches of oriental learning, PV has earned good reputation in the academic world internationally. PV takes pride in having eminent scholars like Padma Bhushan Pandit Dalsukh Malvania, Pt. SukhLal Sanghvi, Prof. Nath Mal Tatia and Prof. Sagar Mal Jain as some of its directors / guides along with a vast galaxy of alumni (decorated with several national awards for their academic contributions) even today in Jain studies and research. Eminent scholars from universities and research institutes from all over the world like HH Dalai Lama, Dr. L.M. Singhvi, Dr. D.S. Kothari, Prof. V.A. Sangave, chairmen of UGC; Jain Acaryas, vice chancellors, deans and professors of BHU and other universities take pride in visiting PV to deliver talks and present papers in its journal.

Since 2008, PV had been working with International School for Jain Studies 'ISJS' to host their visiting foreign scholars annually to teach Jainism so that Jain studies can be introduced in the universities of North America. So far more than 100 such scholars have been at PV for a week or longer.

The institute is housed in a self sufficient mango grove campus of four acres adjacent to BHU having a library with over 40000 books and manuscripts, well equipped class room, museum of Jain art and offices for staff, hostels for 50 persons, faculty houses, residences for sadhus and sadhvis, kitchen and dining hall and a large meditation hall.

New developments

The trusteeship of PV is being enlarged to attract greater participation in ownership and running of PV. November 2010, HH Acarya Dr. Shivmuniji, the most venerated and learned Jainacarya of Shraman Sangh consented to be the spiritual guide of PV.

As a result, support and involvement of Sthanakvasi Jain community in the working and delivery of PV's educational and meditation services for the community as well as to others is significantly enhanced.

Dr. Shugan C Jain, an eminent Information Technology consultant and Jain scholar had been named as President of the society to provide PV an international and goal oriented academic outlook.

Prof. Sudarshan Lal Jain ex Dean Faculty of Arts BHU had been inducted as the director (Research). Management had been restructured to make it responsive and effective.

As a part of development, PV had already conducted an intensive two weeks program on Jainism attended by 82 students from universities in Varanasi, enrolled students for Prakrat and Apbhransh languages certificate programs, enhanced the academic content and presentation of its journal Shraman and conduct monthly lecture meetings by visiting Jain scholars.

Three years plan for PV

Education and Research:

  • To run certificate, diploma, BA, MA and PhD programs in Jainism and Prakrit
    language for monks (male/female)and householders alike and recognized by universities globally and UGC.
  • To setup a branch of PV in Delhi.
  • To make PV an accredited institute of Jain studies, either as a faculty/department of a university or as the recognized and accredited institute by the government of India.
  • To induct an international Professor to internationalize the research and education at PV as well as make its quarterly journal Shraman, a
    peer review journal of Jainism.
  • To make PV as one of the top two Jain studies and research institutes globally.


To develop the SELF Realization (atmanubhuti) meditation system, pioneered by HH Shivmuniji as the preferred Jain meditation system and set up regular centers in India and world.


  • Undertake research on various doctrinal aspects of Jainism on its own as well as in association with other institutions and universities. Topics like Ahinsa and its impact on various life style issues such as health, environment, management, science and spiritualism, Social wellness, theory of knowledge shall be taken up.
  • To organize and participate in national and international seminars so that Jain Studies occupy their appropriate place in academia.
  • To provide ecumenical facilities so that professors and other scholars overseas to come to PV for research.


  • Encourage and build a network of Jain research and educational institutions to develop synergies amongst their work.
  • To initiate projects to enhance convergence and reconciliation amongst various sections of Jain community in and with other religions.

Achieving the three years plan

  • Upgrade the academic and research human resources (numbers and skills) at PV.
  • Upgrade the technology usage and presentation art in classroom, library, seminar hall, and museum and research by staff.
  • Upgrade the technical facilities like internet, computers, presentation, video conferencing etc.
  • Upgrade the housing for faculty, class rooms, conference room and the museum for better faculty output and acceptance by visiting scholars. These will make PV as the most preferred centre for conferences and meetings in Varanasi.
  • Induct an international scholar on PV's academic staff to upgrade the research, presentation, publication and educational systems of PV.
  • Invite foreign and Indian experts on board of Shraman and make it a leading journal in the world.
  • Encourage and build a network of Jain research and educational centers and institutes to develop synergies amongst their work.
  • Develop Spiritual meditation programs for beginners, intermediate and serious practitioners. To encourage academic research in the meditation system being developed to make it a universal system of meditation.
  • Develop education programs at Diploma, Post graduate and PhD levels particularly for Young educated Jains and Jain monks.
  • Conduct national and international seminars more often and publish research papers in its house journal as well as other reputed journals globally.
  • Conduct monthly lecture meetings inviting eminent scholars to deliver talks and build an academic environment at PV.
  • Publish the seven volumes of Encyclopedia of Jainism.
  • Initiate research projects in association with various funding bodies and universities.
  • Enhance cooperation with ISJS, who have set up a Joint venture with PV known as Global Centre for Ahinsa and Indic research to invite scholars from all over the world to come and stay at PV for undertaking research in areas related to Jain doctrine and history and Indology as well.

Your involvement requested

In order to implement the above projects fast and make PV the truly global and foremost research institute globally, a land mark decision was taken to convert PV into a Jain Community Institution. While the financial resource base of PV is growing, the needs are far more as a number of buildings and infrastructure are fairly old and need rehabilitation coupled with steep rise in costs and salaries of staff members. Following major projects needing donations and methods of donating are indicated for your perusal and subscription please.

Donation Options

  1. Member / Trustee of PV society and take part in its planning, monitoring and development. Membership is Rs. One lakh annum for minimum five years. Fifty additional trustees are to be inducted. Thirteen have already inducted.
  2. Distinguished patron of the society. Rs. Fifteen lakhs donation. Name printed on the society brochures and inducted as a member of advisory committees of Management board of the society.
  3. Patrons (four) of the society. Rs. Ten lakhs donation. Inducted as members of the advisory committee of Management board of the society.
  4. Sponsor one of the following projects. Your name will be associated with the project and mentioned suitably on relevant project.
    1. International Professor Chair. To have an international scholar join PV as a professor to conduct research and education on a specific area of Jain philosophy, languages, ethics or applications. A noted scholar is being lined up as the first professor already.
      The chair (professorship) will be named after the sponsor. Budgeted Cost: Rs. Twelve lakhs per year.
    2. Faculty housing: Four blocks of two flats each to be built. Budgeted Cost: Rs. Eighteen lakhs per block. Each block will be named after the donor.
    3. Jain museum. To be upgraded and made more educational on first floor of the admin building. Budgeted Cost: Rs. Ten lakhs. Museum will named after the
    4. Publishing Seven volumes of Jain Encyclopedia: Budgeted Cost: Rs. Six Lakhs per volume. Donor for each volume will be acknowledged in the respective volume.
    5. Seminar auditorium for 75 persons on first floor of the admin building: Budgeted cost: Rs. Twelve lakhs. Auditorium will be named after the donor.
    6. Kitchen and dining hall up gradation; Budgeted cost: Rs. four lakhs. Name will be displayed in the dining hall.

All donations attract Income Tax benefits under section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act. Please fill the form to make the appropriate donation along with the cheque in favour of "Parshwanath Vidyapeeth" and send to the President's office.

Contact address:

Dr. Shugan C. Jain
The President Parshwanath Vidyapeeth
D-28, Panchsheel Enclave
New Delhi - 110 017
Ph: +91-11 - 4079 3387
Email: isjs pv[at]

Director (R)
Parshwanath Vidyapeeth I.T.I. Ro ad
Varanasi - 221 005
Ph: +91-9415388218

Dr. Sulekh C. Jain,
Past JAINA President
4502 Saint Michaels Court,
Sugar Land, TX 77479, USA
+1 281 494 7656

Dilip Shah, Past President JAINA
1902 Chestnut Street,
Philadelphia PA 19103, USA
+1 (215) 561 0581

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