Posted: 04.11.2017
Answer by Divya Goyal of Pune on Quora... Because we save that extra money people spend on eating onions. Jokes apart, the verse no. 38 written in Brahud Dravya Sangrah states that: When a farmer sows paddy, he gets the grass, chaff and husk with the rice. The main motive of the farmer was to get rice but he gets these grass, chaff and husk in addition. Similarly, when a Samyagdrasti(a wise Jain) targets...
Posted: 27.10.2017
Kartak Ashtanhika Parva (Kartak Sud 8 - Kartak Sud 15) Parla Jin Mandir: Shree Kundkund-Kahan Digamber Jain Mumukshu Mandal Trust, Parla-Santacruz Celebrates the Kartak Astanhika Parva from 28-10-17 to 4-11-17 with Sh. Rajendrakumarji Jain, Jabalpur at Shree Simandharswami Digamber Jin Mandir.
Posted: 14.10.2017
Sri Ajith Kumar Benadi, President of Germany Jain Society with Sri Mahesh Shah, Vice president of UK Visa Mewada Digambar Jain Samaja attending Ahimsa day event at House of commons (British Parliament) on 11-Oct-2017 from 7 pm to 9 pm. Ajith Kumar Benadi, Mahesh Shah Ajith Kumar Benadi, Mahesh Shah
Posted: 06.09.2017
“Om Namah Siddibahyo” Kshma Vani Parva/Forgiveness day. Forgiveness prayer in Prakrith language Il Khamemi savve jive; Savve jiva khamantu me ll Il Mitti me savve bhuesu; Veram majaham na kenai ll Meaning: I ask for forgiveness from all living beings; May all living beings grant me forgiveness. My friendship is with all living beings; I have hostility towards none. This is celebrated after the Dashalakshana...
Posted: 05.09.2017
“Om Namah Siddibehyo” Tenth day (05/Sep/2017) of Dashalakshna Mahaparva is Uttama Brahmacharya dharma - (To dwell within Soul) Brahmacharya is derived from two words Brahma (Soul) + Charya (to dwell) but not to abstain from marrying or being single. Jain Monks & Nuns follow Bramachary to the highest level (Mahavratha), with complete control over their mind, speech, body and abstain from all the pleasures...
Posted: 04.09.2017
“Om Namah Siddibehyo” Ninth day (04/Sep/2017) of Dashalakshna Mahaparva: Uttama Akinchanya Dharma (Non-attachment) - Not to get attach our-self physically & emotionally. The whole idea is lead simple life. Jain Monks follow non-attachment to highest level (Mahavratha), they not only detach themselves to household but they will be in the process of detaching the Soul from their Physical body...
Posted: 03.09.2017
“Om Namah Siddibehyo” Eighth day (03-SEP-2017) of Dashalakshna Mahaparva: Uttama Tyaga dharma (Renunciation) - To give up all the bad qualities(Kashaya) & over possession which is stopping us in the journey of Moksha. "Tayga(Nischay) and Daana(Vyavahara) are quite different & we should not mix up". Tayga dharma means not Daana(Charity) and often many people get confused with these dharma. Tyaga is done for...
Posted: 02.09.2017
“Om Namah Siddibehyo” Seventh day (02-Sep-2017) of Dashalakshna Mahaparva: Uttama Tapa dharma (Penance or Austerities) - Practice austerities to check the worldly allurements (attraction/arousing) both inside & outside. a) Thapa does not mean only fasting but also includes our food habits like not to eat any form of Non veg food in any circumstance throughout the life, then restrict certain food/drink -...
Posted: 01.09.2017
Yesterday & Today (01/Sep/2017) 6th day of Dashalakshana Mahaparva (Sanyama Dharma) is Dashmi tithi also called Dhoopa/Suganda dashami, Suganda is derived from two words Su = good and Ganda = smell. We offer incense (Dhoopa) to the 10thThirtankara Sri Sheetalnath swamy in jinalaya or at home. Queen Madanvathi, who disrespected Jain monk in her previous life was suffering from the disease of bad body odour (Like...
Posted: 31.08.2017
⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠“Om Namah Siddibehyo” Sixth day (31st Aug & 1st Sep both days dashami tithi) of Dashalakshna Mahaparva: Uttama Sanyama (Self-restraint) - To control the pleasures of five senses - touch, taste, smell/breath, sight, hearing; and the sixth - mind. Sanyama: Means to self-control: Control over five sense organ & mind for the purpose of being a good human and destroying the Karmas in two different...
Posted: 30.08.2017
“Om Namah Siddibehyo” Fifth day (30-Aug-2017) of Dashalakshna Mahaparva: Uttama Satya dharma (Truthfulness) - To speak truth, affectionate and use words that don’t cause injury to any living being. Satyam: Means speaking the truth in all the circumstances (ZERO lie). a) Avoid unnecessary speaking, speak using minimum words, with complete information and true in nature. Over speaking disturbs the stillness...
Posted: 29.08.2017
“Om Namah Siddibehyo” Fourth day (29/Aug/2017) of Dashalakshna Mahaparva: Uttama Saucha dharma (Contentment or Purity) - To keep the body, mind and speech pure by discarding greed. Saucham: avoiding greed and abstaining from possessive longing is called Saucham or purity of thought. The four kasaya are: krodha (anger), lobha (greed), mana (ego) and maya (deceit) and most difficult Kashaya to overcome is...
Posted: 28.08.2017
“Om Namah Siddibehyo” Third day (28/Aug/2017) of Dashalakshna Maha parva: Uttama Aaarjava (Straightforwardness or Honesty) - To practice a deceit free conduct in life by vanquishing the passion of deception. Aarjava: means straightforwardness in conduct (ZERO cheating/corruption). One’s own conduct may be crooked, His physical action, speech and mind may be lacking in straightforwardness. Avoiding this...
Posted: 27.08.2017
“Om Namah Siddibehyo” Second day of Dashalakshna Maha parva (27-Aug-2017): Uttama Mardava Dharma (Tenderness or Humility) - Meaning: To observe the virtue of humility, subduing vanity and passions (ZERO Pride). Mardavam: This refers to the complete absence of self-conceit (thinking we are superior among all). Such self-conceit or pride may be due to one’s own superior status, family prestige, beauty,...
Posted: 26.08.2017
“Om Namah Siddibahyo” First day of Dashalakshna Mahaparva (26-Aug-2017): Uttama Kshama (Supreme Forgiveness) - Meaning: To observe tolerance whole-heartedly, shunning anger and enmity. In our daily life, we may find ourselves in circumstances, likely to arouse his wrath. In spite of such provocation, one must avoid emotional disturbance and maintain peace of mind. One should maintain patience, should...
Posted: 08.07.2017
The auspicious event of commencement of the Chaturmas took off in a glittering colourful event at Shravanabelagola on 7th July 2017, in the Holy presence of Jain Digambara Acharyas and Svastishri Charukeerthi Bhattarak ji. The Governor of Karnataka was the Chief Guest of Honour. Prof.Hampana spoke on the occasion and here are extracts from his speech: We have assembled here in Shravanabelagola, Chavundaraya's...
Posted: 19.06.2017
Live! Sanganer Jain Program Mahotsav Sanghi Ji Temple (Mandir) LIVE! Sanganer Jain Program Paras, Jinvani Channel, Sudhakalash, ETV Rajasthan Watch Yaksha Rakshit Bhugarbh Jinalaya Sanganer Jain Program Live streaming telecast available on Paras, Jinvani Channel,, ETV Rajasthan from June 19 to 25 with proper timings. Yaksha Rakshit/Rahit Jinalaya Sanganer will be out in the guidance of Param...
Posted: 25.04.2017
News in Hindi: In celebration of the 93rd birth anniversary of H. Jawanti सम्पूर्ण जैन समाज के लिए बड़े हर्षोल्लास का विषय है कि *एलाचार्य श्री बने अब आचार्य श्री* राष्ट्रसंत *श्वेतपिच्छाचार्य श्री...
Posted: 15.12.2016
Acharya Vimal Sagar Stamp Issue News in Hindi: आचार्य विमलसागर पर डाक टिकिट जारी द्वितीय दिगम्बर जैनाचार्य पर हुआ डाकटिकिट जारी 14 दिसम्बर 2016 केंद्रीय दूरसंचार राज्यमंत्री मनोज...
Posted: 22.01.2016
Mangi-Tungi, Panchkalyanak and Mahamastakabhisheka, 11-17 February 2016 Highest Jain Idol In World Statue of Ahisma Sahayadri Hill Ranges in Maharastra The Supreme Sadhvi of Jain-Samaj Pujya Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji gave the inspiration for the construction of 108 ft. high standing idol of the first Tirthankar Bhagwan Shri Rishabhdev in a single stone of the Mangitungi Mountain in 1996 during her...
Posted: 21.01.2016
Mangi-Tungi, Panchkalyanak and Mahamastakabhishek, 11-17 February 2016 18.02.2016 Belgaum Jains: Panchkalyanak and Mahamastakabhishek at Mangi Tungi. Its 95 kms from Manmad. We have direct train to Manmad from Belgaum (Goa Express)
Posted: 21.01.2016
Mangi-Tungi Panch Kalyanak & Mastakabhisheka 11-17 February 2016; 18.02.2016 Statue of Tirthankara Adinatha (Rishabhanatha)
Posted: 21.01.2016
Jain Shiksha Samraddhi Hindi: Nainagir 10.01.2016 Third Foundation Day Celebration
Posted: 12.01.2016
Mangi-Tungi, Panch Kalyanak & Mastakabhishek, 11-17 February 2016 Mangitungi Mahotsav 2016, The Statue of Ahimsa Aryika Chandnamati Mataji, Aryika Gyanmati Mataji
Posted: 09.01.2016
Jain Shiksha Samraddhi Hindi: 08.01.2016 Jain Shiksha Samraddhi.Samraddhi Function 08.01.2016 Jain Shiksha Samraddhi.Nainagir Siddhkshetr
Posted: 13.10.2015
Vishwa Jain Sangathan Vishwa Jain Sangathan will participate 4th time in New Delhi World Book Fair - 2016 at Hall No. 18, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 9 - 17 Jan, 2016 (11am to 8pm) to promote Jainism, Ahimsa and Vegetarianism with the holy blessing of Rashtrasant Pujya Acharya Shri 108 Gyansagar ji Muniraj.... VJS will distribute free books & DVDs etc. of Jainism, ancient Jain idols in National &...
Posted: 11.08.2015
10.08.2015 ►Baraut ►Kshullak Dhyan Sagar ►News
Posted: 06.08.2015
❖ नि अभिनन्दनसागर जी मुनिराज की आहार मुद्रा में नवधाभक्ति के अंतर्गत एक नन्ही जीवात्मा में संस्कार बीजारोपण होता हुआ दृश्य! Acharya Abhinandan Sagar
Posted: 03.08.2015
Hindi: ❖ कलश स्थापना की 'बोली' साधुत्व की कसोटी नहीं ❖ आप जिन्हें देख रहे हैं ये गृहस्थ जीवन के मामा- भांजे रहें पर मामा जी श्री रंजीत भैया अब मुनि श्री संस्कार...
Posted: 03.08.2015
❖ The first Nirgantha Sangh visited Tamil Nadu in the 20 th century is Girnar Gaurav Acarya Nirmalsagar Ji sangh. He is the only one holy ascetic who visited the entire part of Tamil Nadu right from Chennai to Kanniyakumari. So far no other muni breaks his records. The photo took in the year of 1975 where he stayed a 3 days in Peramendur village, tindivanam talk, villupuram district, tamil nadu, pin code -...
Posted: 30.07.2015
Hindi: ❖ गिरनार संरक्षण के लिए अपना जीवन अर्पण करने वाले गिरनार के गौरव आचार्य श्री निर्मलसागर जी महाराज कि अभी हाल ही में होली के दिन ली गयी फोटोग्राफ! आचार्य...
Posted: 29.07.2015
❖ गुप्त स्वतंत्रता सेनानी चरित्र चक्रवर्ती आचार्य श्री शांति सागर जी के पिता "सतगोड़ा" जी उन्हें खेत जाने को कहते और कहते की देखते रहना कहीं चिढिया अनाज न खाए.|...
Posted: 20.07.2015
News in Hindi: Kshullak Dhyansagar Ji Delhi Shri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir, New Delhi
Posted: 09.02.2015
Hodal 25.02 - 02.03.2015 Sh. Adinath Jin Bimb Panchkalyanak Pratishtha Mahotsava at ShreeShantinath Digamber Jain Mandir, Hodal bypass.
Posted: 15.01.2015
First ever meeting of Jain Munis, Sadhus and Sadhvis in Model Town (Delhi) on September 21, 2014 as part of World Jain Unity Conference and Kshamavani observation of Delhi Jains. Paryushan Parva is the most important festival for all Jains, both Swetambar and Digambar. The festival is around August / September months. Shwetambar Jains observe for 8 days and the Digambar Jains for 10 days corresponding 10...
Posted: 21.09.2014
(AP Photo/Altaf Qadri) Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, center, gestures as he speaks to Muni Tarun Sagar, sitting, who represents the Digambar sect of Jainism, on the final day of an interfaith meeting in New Delhi, India, Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014.
Posted: 29.07.2014
Very interesting video of respected Digambar Jain Muni Viharsh Sagar ji on quitting milk and milk products. Video:
Posted: 26.06.2014
News in Hindi 2014.06.26 - 108 Chinmay Sagar ji 01 2014.06.26 - 108 Chinmay Sagar ji 02
Posted: 16.05.2014
Invitation 2014.07.6-13 Pratistha-Mahamahotsav 01 2014.07.6-13 Pratistha-Mahamahotsav 02 Shri S.S. Jain Foundation, Brampton, Ontario, Canada Invitation Shree 1008 Adinath Digambar Jinbimb Panch-Kalyanak Pratistha-Mahamahotsav Sunday, 6th July to Sunday 13th July 2014 Contact Canada: Shri G.C. Jain / Nimit Shah Bhagwan Shri 1008 Adinath Jain Temple 7875 Mayfield Road, Brampton, Ontario, L6P 0H6, Canada...
Posted: 10.02.2014
'Uchcha Siksha Kendra Ke Nagronen me Boarding Houses ki Sthapana ke liye Samaj Se Appeal' (APPEAL TO SAMAJ TO ESTABLISH BOARDING HOUSES IN CITIES OF HIGHER EDUCATION). By All India Digamber Jain Organisations - Co-ordination Committee [Mahasabha, Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha, Tirth-Kshetra Committee, Parishad, Mahasamiti] 412, Modi Tower, 98 Nehru Place New Delhi - 110 019 Cell: + 91 90151 20557 Tel: +91 11 2629...
Posted: 18.10.2013
Hindi: 2013.10.18 Sharad Purnima ►News 0 2013.10.18 Sharad Purnima ►News 3 2013.10.18 Sharad Purnima ►News 2 2013.10.18 Sharad Purnima ►News 1
Posted: 15.10.2013
Khurai, 15.10.2013 News - Hindi: 2013.10.15 ►Khurai ►News 2013.10.15 ►Khurai ►News - No 8 2013.10.15 ►Khurai ►News - No 9
Posted: 14.10.2013
Khurai, 14.10.2013 News 02 - Hindi: 2013.10.14 ►Khurai ►News 02 2013.10.14 ►Khurai ►News 02 - No-1 2013.10.14 ►Khurai ►News 02 - No 18 2013.10.14 ►Khurai ►News 02 - No 19 News 02 - Hindi: 2013.10.14 ►Khurai ►News 03 2013.10.14 ►Khurai ►News 03 - No 16 2013.10.14 ►Khurai ►News 03 - No 17 2013.10.14 ►Khurai ►News 03 -No 15
Posted: 14.10.2013
Khurai, 14.10.2013 Hindi: 2013.10.14 ►Khurai ►News 01 2013.10.14 ►Khurai ►No 20 2013.10.14 ►Khurai ►No 22
Posted: 28.08.2013
2013.08.28 Pratibha Samman Samaroh - news mahesh baba pratibha samman 2013.08.28 Pratibha Samman Samaroh - damoh ke student ka samman 2013.08.28 Pratibha Samman Samaroh - deep prajwalan photo 2013.08.28 Pratibha Samman Samaroh - sagar ke student ka samman 2013.08.28 Pratibha Samman Samaroh - shakahar ke liye mohd. shafique 2013.08.28 Pratibha Samman Samaroh - smarika vimochan 2013.08.28 Pratibha Samman Samaroh...
Posted: 12.08.2013
Ramteke, 10.08.2013 Diksha ceremony took place at Ramtake with the blessings of Acharya Vidyasagar maharaj ji. Photo: Acharya Shri VidyaSagar Ji Maharaj ke bhakt 30 Bramhchari bhaiya jinki kal.diksha hai!!! Exclusive pic direct from Ramtek!!! आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर महाराज जी के द्वारा रामटेक में कल 10...
Posted: 26.07.2013
Invitation posted by Thiru.Thanjai.S.Appandairaj Jain. In Tanjai-Karandhai Jain Temple the 9th year festival takes place on 04/08/2013, Tanjavur. All are invited and welcome by Jain People, Tanjai. Tamilnadu. Flyer

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