Acharanga Bhasyam ► Chapter IX — The Treatment Of Penance ► Section — 4 ► Verse 1

Posted: 25.07.2011

9.4.1 omodariyaṃ cāeti, apuṭṭhe vi bhagavaṃ rogehiṃ.
puṭṭhe vā apuṭṭhe vā, ṇo se sātijjāti teicchaṃ..

Though unattacked by diseases, the Lord, took scanty food. Attacked or not, he did not desire for medical treatment.

Bhāṣyaṃ Verse 1

Even when not afflicted by diseases, the Lord still had a reduced diet. The hardship of hunger is very difficult to tolerate. Inspite of that, the Lord refrained from over-consumption of food,[1] exercising his great valour.

The Lord was not afflicted by ailments due to the imbalance of humours. This is according to the tradition. But he was afflicted by extraneous ailments. And so it has been said whether afflicted or not by ailments, he did not desire treatment by himself nor would he approve of others doing so. [2]

Avoidance of medical treatment is only practical application of abandonment of the welfare of the body. The more one delves deep into the inner self, the less becomes the desire for medical treatment. Some people even though not afflicted by any ailments take resort to the fivefold procedures prescribed in the science of medication, for the sake of barring the possibility of ailments and increasing ones strength, stamina, beauty and the like. [3]  The Lord refrained from that too. [4]

For similar description, see 2.113, 6.19-23. [5]

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