Acharanga Bhasyam ► Chapter IX — The Treatment Of Penance ► Section — 4 ► Verse 7

Posted: 01.08.2011

9.4.7 chaṭṭheṇaṃ egayā bhuṃje, aduvā aṭṭhamaṇe dasameṇaṃ.
duvālasameṇa egayā bhuṃje, pehamāṇe samāhiṃ apaḍiṇṇe..

Sometimes, he would take meal after two days', or three, or four, or even after five days', fast, with his mind fixed on the 'ecstasy of penance9 and without any pre-made resolve.

Bhāṣyaṃ Verse 7

Sometimes, he took food after two days' fast, sometimes, after three or four days' or sometimes, after five days' fast. 'Ecstasy of penance' (tapaḥ-samādhi) means concentration in penances. With his mind fixed on tapaḥ-samādhi, the Lord did not evince any interest in food.

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