Acharanga Bhasyam ► Chapter IX — The Treatment Of Penance ► Section — 4 ► Verse 8

Posted: 01.08.2011

9.4.8 ṇaccāṇaṃ se mahāvīre, ṇo viya pāvagaṃ sayamakāsī.
aṇṇehiṃ vā ṇa kāritthā, kīraṃtaṃ pi ṇāṇujāṇitthā..

Knowing the blemishes concerning food, the Lord did not commit any sin, nor made others to do so, nor approve of any such sin.

Bhāṣyaṃ Verse 8

Knowing the blemish in kindling fire, the Lord Mahāvīra did not commit any sin, that is, injurious act himself, concerning food, nor did he get it done by others, nor did he approve such acts. The acts of cooking, getting cooked etc. are prohibited in the begging alms which should be of ninefold purity. The ninefold purity consists in not doing blameworthy act[1] in three ways, viz., by himself, or getting done by others or approving of it, with threefold modes such as thought, word, deed. He did not exceed to such acts. Under such circumstances, there evidently arises the doubt as to how could he maintained his life? The solution of the problem has been given in the following verse.

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