Guman Panth

Posted: 13.07.2011
Updated on: 17.12.2012

Guman Panth

Guman Panth was a subsect within Digambara Jain tradition, founded after the death of Pandit Todarmal by his son Gumani Ram. Pandit Todarmal (1719–1766) was an eminent Indian scholar on Jainism and writer in Jaipur, who had an organized system for preservation and study of Jain texts.

Based on this tradition, Pandit Todarmal Smarak Trust was established in 1977, inaugurated by the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat (Ex-vice-president of Indian Union) and the then Industry Minister Late Shri Trilok Chand Jain.


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