Posted: 27.04.2012
Pierre Paul Amiel To support Jaina studies in Berlin Pierre Paul Amiel, a renowned expert in Jainism and author of several books and papers on Jain religion gave his complete library and archive on Jainism to CfJS.FU. Read: Donation of a Jaina Research Library to CfJS.FU A detailed list of all giftet books, magazines and journals will soon be published here.
Posted: 21.07.2011
Donation of Books from Prof. Nagarajaiah Hampa After the former Institute of Indology and Indian Art History has been closed in 2008, the University Library stopped the purchase of indological books and, additionallly, reduced the number of indological books in stock. Hence, when the Center for Jaina Studies (CfJS.FU) was opened, the condition of the University Library in terms of Jainology was insusufficient...

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