An Outline of Prakrit Literature

Posted: 27.07.2011

This Outline of Prakrit Literature by Dr. Nalini Joshi (Pune University) is an English version of her earlier published book Prākṛta-Sāhityācā-Saṁkṣipta-Itihāsa (Marathi). It provides a brief but authoritative inroduction to the canonical, secular and technical literature available in Prakrit languages and it also refers to Apabhraṁśa literature. The translation was made by Prasad P. Joshi (Fergusson College, Pune).

Table of Content

Part 1

Chapter 1 - Introduction

  1. Some Salient Features of Prakrit
  2. Mutual relationship between the existence of language and its literary development
  3. Similarities between the Vedic and Prakrit languages
  4. What is Prakrit?
  5. Vocabulary of the Prakrit languages
  6. Ever-changing stream of spoken languages

Chapter 2 - Prakrit Languages and their Peculiarities

  1. Māgadhī
  2. Ardhamāgadhī
  3. Śaurasenī
  4. Jain Śaurasenī
  5. Mahārāṣṭrī
  6. Jain Mahārāṣṭrī
  7. Apabhraṁśa

Chapter 3 - Canonical Literature of Jainas

  1. Śvetāmbara Ardhamāgadhī literature
  2. Commentarial literature of Śvetāmbaras
  3. Śaurasenī literature of Digambaras
  4. Post-canonical literature of Jainas

Chapter 4 - Narrative Literature in Prakrit

Part 2

Chapter 4 (continuation) - Narrative Literature in Prakrit

Chapter 5 - Carita-Kāvya in Prakrit

Chapter 6 - Poetry Literature in Prakrit

Chapter 7 - Dramatic Prakrits and Saṭṭakas

  1. Prakrits used in Sanskrit Dramas
  2. Saṭṭakas

Chapter 8 - Treatises on the Prakrit Vyākaraṇa, Chandas, Kośas and Poetics

Chapter 9 - Śastra-Literature and Epigraphy in Prakrit

Chapter 10 - Apabhraṁśa Literature

  1. Introduction
  2. Epics in Apabhraṁśa
  3. Religious Khaṇḍakāvyas in Apabhraṁśa

Chapter 11 - General Observations

  1. Contribution of Prakrit literature to Indian literature
  2. Limitations of Prakrit literature
  3. Knowledge-languages and spoken-languages of Indians



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