Aspects of Jaina Art and Architecture

Posted: 27.07.2011
Updated on: 31.07.2012

Aspects of Jaina Art and Architecture

Collection of Essays


  1. The Jaina Concept of Deity (by D.D. Malvania)
  2. Jaina Temple as Envisaged by Dhanapala in the Tilakamanjari (by N.M. Kansara)
  3. The Jaina Architecture and Iconography in the Vastushastras of Western India (by P.O. Sompura / M.A. Dhaky)
  4. On the Meaning of the Terms Balanaka and Caitya (by H.C. Bhayani)
  5. The Classical Kannada Literature and the Digambara Jaina Iconography (by S. Settar)
  6. Evolution of Jaina Iconography and Symbolism (by U.P. Shah)
  7. Reflections on the Jaina Caves in Gujarat (by R. Jamindar)
  8. Mathura Jaina Inscriptions of the Kusana Period - A Fresh Study (by G.S. Gai)
  9. Jaina Monuments of Tamil Nadu (by K.G. Krishnan)
  10. The Jaina Art and Architecture of Tulunadu (by K.V. Ramesh)
  11. Jaina Art and Architecture under the Pallavas (by R. Nagaswamy)
  12. Jaina Art and Architecture under the Colas (by R. Nagaswamy)
  13. Jaina Art and Architecture in Tamil Nadu (by K.V. Soundara Rajan)
  14. Jaina Art and Architecture under the Gangas of Talakad (by K.R. Srinivasan)
  15. Santara Architecture (by M.A. Dhaky)
  16. Ganga Jaina Sculpture (by M.A. Dhaky)
  17. A Rastrakuta Temple at Hallur in Bijapur District (by K. Mankodi)
  18. Jaina Art and Architecture in Kerala (by H. Sarkar)
  19. Jaina Temples in Central India (by M.W. Meister)
  20. Jaina Temple Called Bhand Dewal at Arang (by K. Deva)
  21. Jaina Temple at Un (by K. Deva)
  22. Santinatha Temple, Jhalara-Patan (by K. Deva)
  23. Mahavira Templa, Ghanerav (by K. Deva)
  24. Mahavira Temple, Sewadi (by K. Deva)
  25. Jaina Art and Architecture under the Candella-s (by K. Deva)
  26. Jaina Bronzes - A Brief Survey (by U.P. Shah)
  27. The Jaina Temples of Kumbharia (by Harihar Singh)
  28. The Western Indian Jaina Temple (by M.A. Dhaky)
  29. Jaina Painting of Western India (By S. Kramrisch)
  30. Illustrated Leaves from a Pancatantra Manuscript of the 15th Century (by A. Krishna)
  31. Jaina Wood Carvings in the National Museum Collection (by V.P. Dwivedi)


U.P. Shah / M.A. Dhaky


Gujarat State Committee for the Celebration of 2500th Anniversary of Bhagaven Mahavira Nirvana (Sole distributers: L.D. Institute of Indology)


First Edition: December 1975


xxi + 480


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