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Posted: 20.10.2011

Jain literature is very rich, varied and vast. No subject worth the name has been left untouched by the Jain saints, thinkers and scholars. It is really a pity that Jain literature and thought has not been able to generate awareness among the scholars about the different aspects of Jainism. Of course, some scholarly articles have been published in various Journals. As these materials are scattered here and there, one, therefore, fails to have a full and comprehensive view of the different aspects of Jain Philosophy, Religion and Culture. There is a dearth of excellent treatises on different themes of Jainism. I have, therefore, embarked on a project to fulfil this desideratum. About a decade ago I collected some of the finest research articles on the various aspects of Jainism from the outstanding Journals and books written by eminent scholars and thinkers, and decided to publish them in 25 Volumes, each volume containing articles on some specific aspect of Jainism.

Jain Vishva Bharati Institute is bringing out these volumes and we are fortunate in having the blessings, inspiration and guidance of Ganadhipati Gurudeva Tulsi and Acharya Shri Mahaprajña for the completion of this work. The first volume of the series is addressed to the study of Anekāntavāda and Syādvāda, which are considered to be the foundation-stone of Jainism and permeate all the spheres of Jain thinking.

I express my thankfulness to the editors who have taken pains in getting the present volume published in record time. I would feel amply rewarded if the work stimulates the mind and heart of the readers to understand the true spirit of Anekāntavāda.

Let all attain peace and happiness.

11th January, 1996.
Sreechand Rampuria
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