Posted: 12.10.2011
By Dr. N.L. Kachhara
Soul, Consciousness, Mind and Jainism 1 Soul and Consciousness It is necessary to distinguish between the terms soul, consciousness, mind and awareness to understand the functioning of brain. We briefly review the views of different religions and philosophies on soul and consciousness first. 1.1 Jainism In Jainism he term Jiva , meaning soul, connotes that Soul is consciousness itself and consciousness...
Posted: 29.09.2011
By Dr. N.L. Kachhara
Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness 1. Introduction Quantum mechanics is a more fundamental theory than Newtonian mechanics and classical electromagnetism, in the sense that it provides accurate and precise descriptions for many phenomena these "classical" theories simply cannot explain on the atomic and subatomic level. Quantum mechanics was initially developed to explain the atom, especially the...
Posted: 13.09.2011
By Prof. Dr. Narendra Bhandari
Anekantavad as a Physical Reality Lecture delivered at the International Seminar on " Anekanta: a dialogue for human concerns" held at Vadoadara, December 6-9th, 2002, organized by Jain Vishva Bharati Institute, Ladnun, Anekantavad is the corner stone of Jainism around which the whole philosophy and religion have developed. It is as fundamental as the Karmavad or Causality in physics. It has been mentioned in...
Posted: 12.09.2011
By Prof. Dr. Narendra Bhandari
Modern Physics and Jain Darshan We examine here the question whether any common ground exists between Modern physics and religion, particularly the Jain Darshan. The question has arisen because some religious leaders as well as proponents of modern physics think that they belong to different spheres of activity, one dealing with soul and spirituality (which are not physical entities) and the other with matter...

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