JVBL - MICHCHAMI DUKKADAM at the end of Paryushan Parva

Posted: 10.09.2011


Om Arham,

Trust everyone is in Sukh Sata, in fine health and good spirits after our wonderful Paryushan celebrations. Hope everyone who managed to attend are spiritually uplifted.

On behalf of JVB London would like to convey our Heartfelt wishes to you. family, relatives, Friends and everyone known to you.    

During JVB journey, if we have hurt you by any act of mind, speech and body, we seek forgiveness and we express our MICHCHAMI DUKKADAM at the end of Paryushan Parva.

To ask for forgiveness is the toughest thing to do. To ask for forgiveness is a great quality of the brave ones and if I or anyone in The JVB Family have committed any mistake, knowingly or unknowingly, we ask for your forgiveness.

“Our Michchami Dukaddam - to You, all your family members, Relatives & Friends ”.

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