Posted: 25.11.2011
By Prof. Dr. Klaus Bruhn
This article was published in Lalit Kala 10 (1961, Pl. XXXVIII - picture and text). The Safety of Indian Art The student of art who wants to examine the image of “ Sri-Vardhamāna-deva ḥ” on the Vaibhāragiri published some decades ago by Rai Bahadur Ramaprasad Chanda should not be surprised to find its place in the Jaina temple empty. It is not known to the present writer under what circumstances the...
Posted: 24.11.2011
By Prof. Dr. Klaus Bruhn
This essay was published at Deyadharma. Studies in Memory of Dr. D.C. Sircar (Ed. by Gouriswar Bhattacharya, Sri Garib Dass Oriental Series No. 33, Delhi: Sri Satguru Publications, 1986, pp. 179-187). To make this online reissue citeable, the page numbers are added to the text (see squared brackets). The Ācārya Motif at Deogarh Preliminary Notes [179] The “ācārya motif” (confined to Deogarh and a few...
Posted: 25.08.2011
By Prof. Dr. Klaus Bruhn
The following article by Prof. Klaus Bruhn was first published in the anthology Mahāvīra and His Teachings (ed. by A.N. Upadhye et al., Ahmedabad 1977, pp. 371-388). Further Observations on the Iconography of Pārśvanātha There is a wide-spread opinion - more often implied than explicitely expressed - that the iconography of Jainism is not very rich. Such a prejudice is nourished by the practice of...

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