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Posted: 11.02.2012

Environmental degradation is the most serious and glaring problem causing a great concern in context of sustainable development, welfare and even very survival of mankind. In this book, the author Shri S.M. Jain, a retired forest officer with his long and varied experience in forestry and environment, has analyzed various aspects and causes of environmental degradation and has also suggested essential practical measures to check and improve the ambient environment for existing and future generations. His emphasis on symbiosis or mutualism as core principle for environment preservation is really enlightening. Rationality is another important principle discussed. He has expressed concern on problems of population explosion and galloping consumerism as the main twin problems for environmental degeneration. After analyzing almost all the aspects he has suggested environment friendly symbiotic life style, which will be conducive to create amicable physical and social environment.

Prakrit Bharati Academy and Society for Scientific and Ethical Living, Jaipur have been endeavouring their best to bring out literature, which will enlighten and persuade people to follow mutually beneficial moral code of conduct for happiness of one and all. It is hoped that the present publication “Environmental Ethics” thoughtfully written by Shri Jain, will serve this purpose.

D.R. Mehta
Founder and Chief Patron
Prakrit Bharti Academy, Jaipur

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