Posted: 16.12.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Introduction The Indian thinkers, however, unanimously hold that the absolute elimination of the passions of attachment and hatred, greed and anger is not possible. In fact, the spiritual disciplines propounded in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, the three major religions of India are in perfect agreement on this issue that meditation, in some form or the other is considered as the only way to attain salvation...
Posted: 19.04.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Mahavira's Contribution to the Mankind for All the Ages Among the great religious teachers of the world, Mahavira was the earliest who contributed much for the good and welfare of the entire mankind of all the ages. Mahavira's advent took place when this world was seething with philosophical speculations with Socrates and Plato in Greece, Zoroaster in Persia and Confucius in China. In India, the Brahmanic...
Posted: 08.04.2016
Jain Vishva Bharati University M A Jainology Previous PAPER I Unit 1 Video:
Posted: 30.03.2016
Jain Vishva Bharati University The Understanding Jainism Theory and Practice (UJTP) Programme July 23 to Aug. 12, 2016 Ladnun, Rajsthan, India The Understanding Jainism Theory and Practice (UJTP) programme of the JVBI emphasizes Jain Philosophy, Ethics, Non-violence, Meditation, Art & Architecture and life-style in India It is interdisciplinary in nature, with participating faculty of the Humanities, Social...
Posted: 19.03.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
The entire ancient Indian philosophical thought, right from the vedās to the modern Vedānt of Sankar, has the law of Karma as its basic foundation. If this presupposition is negated or is shown to have no logical or scientific basis for its acceptance, all Indian philosophical systems except Cārvāka philosophy become redundant. The law of Karma is not only the foundation of India's philosophy but also...
Posted: 29.02.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Jaina philosophy has an important place in the domain of Indian philosophies. The concept of sat (Reality) occupies a foremost place in Jaina metaphysics. It is sat (Reality) which acts as a foundational stone in explaining the basic concepts of Jaina Ethics, Jaina theory of Karma, Jaina epistemology and Jaina logic. The essence of threefold nature of reality, i.e., Utpada, Vyaya and Dhrauvya will be dealt in...
Posted: 26.02.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
The Rights of All Life Forms in Ācārāṅga Bhāṣyam Jainism one of the most ancient religions of the world originated and developed on Indian soil containing a profoundly progressive social attitude. Even in the antiquity start from the first Tīrthankar Rishab to 24 th Tīrthankar Mahavira, Jain preceptor discussed at length how one can protect the right of all the creatures. The Ācārāṅga Bhāṣyam,...
Posted: 29.01.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
The soul in its pure form is embedded with infinite perception, infinite knowledge, infinite bliss, and infinite vigour. These natural inherent attributes are not, however manifested by worldly soul, because it is smeared with karmās . The large number of ritualistic practices throughout the world has been devised to get rid of the kārmic impurities and eventually liberate the soul from the bondages of...
Posted: 18.01.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Introduction to Pratyākhyāna The fifth Āvaśyaka according to the Digambaras, the sixth Āvaśyaka in Svetāmbara tradition is pratyākhyāna. Ācārya Amitgati defines pratyākhyāna as the avoidance of what is unfitting in order to prevent the commission of sin in the future. In a sense it is the equivalent to pratikramaṇa translated into future time. Here renunciation of any form of enjoyment is...
Posted: 11.01.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Social Relevance of Caturviṃśati Stava Hymn in Praise of the 24 Tīrthaṅkaras Eulogy is the very essence of all religions. Stuti or eulogy is nothing but the proper accommodation of the group of words in the praise of deity. In the prayer of caturviṅśati stava , there are seven verses in which the veneration to 24 tīrthaṅkaras is given which is considered tantamount to the mantra in Jainism. Meaning...
Posted: 07.01.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Vandanā (Reverence towards Ascetics) The third āvaśyaka is vandanā . Here vandanā means paying respect to the preceptor, to superiors who are seniors in austerity or penance, in scriptural knowledge, who are initiated earlier etc. It is a kind of ritual, by which respect for ascetics is expressed, egoism is reduced and humility is cultivated. Here the term ' vandanā ', is specially used in the sense of...
Posted: 02.01.2016
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Introduction to Pratikramaṇa It is likely that the saint under the constraint of subtle passions may deviate from the minutest details of right conduct, so the saint is ought to purify them daily without any procrastination and deceit by resorting to self-criticism to censuring his faults in presence of the guru and lastly confession by revealing his committed transgression to the guru (ālocana)...
Posted: 10.12.2015
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Introduction Today we are moving from mono utility to multi-utility. This has led us towards the burning problem of global warming, ever increasing number of psychosomatic diseases, over comfort zone one attitude leading towards social inequality so on and so forth. This Economic inequality and vast differences in the mode of consumption are the two curses of our age. Accumulation of wealth on the one side and...
Posted: 07.12.2015
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
All the schools of Indian philosophy except cārvāka philosophy believe in the existence of pristine soul. An absolutely original notion of acceptance of equal consciousness in six classes of beings is the very heart of Tīrthankara Mahavira's preaching. No religion of the world has explained the concept of consciousness as deeply, profoundly and systematically as has been discussed with its applicability in...
Posted: 23.11.2015
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Of the three jewels, right belief comes first and forms the basis upon which the other two rest. One must, by all possible means, first attain right belief or the basic conviction on the fundamentals because only on its acquisition, knowledge and conduct becomes right. Such right faith should have eight requirements or aṅga and should be free from the three types of superstitious ignorance and the eight kinds...
Posted: 31.10.2015
By Dr. Samani Rohit Pragya
Samani Parimal Pragya and Samani Maryada Pragya from Jain Vishva Bharati Houston and Samani Shukla Pragya and Samani Rohit Pragya from Miami participated in the sixth Parliament of the World’s Religions (PWR), organised from October 15 - 19, 2015 at Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This grand event was attended by about 10, 000 people of 80 nations and 50 faiths. Imam Malik Mujahid,...
Posted: 24.10.2015
By Dr. Samani Rohit Pragya
Communication plays a vital role in one's life. Without communication one cannot know the feeling of the other person and cannot express his feeling to other person too. Communication is highly necessary for the development of society, as it is only through exchange of ideas and co-operation that a society can grow and develop. It is rightly said that healthy communication is essential for a healthy society...
Posted: 19.10.2015
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Contemporary Issue of Santhārā ( Samādhi Marana) in Jainism as Suicide Santhārā is a Jain technical word which means the voluntary, step by step termination of body with full awareness, wisdom and insight. The 24 th Tīrthankara Mahavira was great religious preacher who not only paved the path of leading an artistic life by implementing the great and small vows but also showed us the path of ending the...
Posted: 13.10.2015
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Santhārā is a Jain technical word which means the voluntary, step by step termination of body with full awareness, wisdom and insight. The 24th Tīrthaṅkara Mahavira was great religious preacher who not only paved the path of leading an artistic life by implementing the great and small vows but also showed us the path of ending the life journey very artistically through the process of Santhārā. The basic...
Posted: 02.09.2015
Jain Vishva Bharati University JVBI Silver Jubilee 31.08.2015 Indonesia Silver Jubilee Function of JVBU in Presence of Samani Jyoti Pragya and Samani Manas Pragya JVBU is celebrating its Silver Jubilee this year said Samani Jyoti Pragya. Today we are celebrating it at Indonesia. She told many courses are available for students. 200 people of nearby area attended function compeered by Samkit Jain...
Posted: 13.08.2015
Jain Vishva Bharati University JVBI Silver Jubilee , JVBI Silver Jubilee Event Promo , JVBI Silver Jubilee FILM:
Posted: 29.07.2015
Jain Vishva Bharati University Photos:
Posted: 23.07.2015
Jain Vishva Bharati University Invitation Jaipur: Birla Auditorium, Statue Circle 24.07.2015, 7.00-10-pm Speaker: Chetan Bhagat, Renowned Novelist Basantraj Bhandari, Chancellor, Jain Vishva Bharti Institute Dharamchand Lunked, President Jain Vishva Bharati
Posted: 10.06.2015
Jain Vishva Bharati University Flyer:, Pdf:
Posted: 29.05.2015
Jain Vishva Bharati University Video:
Posted: 14.12.2014
By Samani Agam Pragya
Values creating peace and harmony were the need of past as well as today and future. When we look around the world there is a huge cry out for global peace by individuals and organisations as the only panacea to conflicts and wars. The list of violence, crimes, clashes, conflicts and wars are increasing and thereby creating more fear and worries in the minds of the inhabitants of the world in the present...
Posted: 19.11.2014
By Dr. Mahima Sethia
Ladnun 07.10.2014 Samani Satya Pragya Disciple of Acharya Mahashraman was Awarded Rashtra Bhasha Gaurav by Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Seva Sansthan Freedom fighter of India Rajarshi Purushotamdas Tandon had a strong desire to make Hindi an official language. He has to face lot of struggles in this context. Later, after India’s independence it was planned for how to acknowledge or felicitate people working for...
Posted: 05.11.2014
By Dr. Mahima Sethia
JVBU ►8th Convocation Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, Delhii 03.11.2014 In 8th Convocation of Jain Vishwa Bharti University, Smt Mahima Sethia (Bokariya) has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for research in “Nonviolent Life Style Model for Sustainable Development - with special reference to Jainism” on 03.11.2014 at Delhi under auspicious presence of Acharya Mahashraman ji. Chief guest of...
Posted: 01.11.2014
Jain Vishva Bharati University The Vice-Chancellor, Members of the Senate and Board of Management of Jain Vishva Bharati Institute request your gracious presence on the occasion of the Eighth Convocation on Monday, November 03, 2014 at 09.00 a.m. in the benign presence of H.H. Acharya Mahashraman Anushasta Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani Honble Minister of HRD, Govt. of India Chief Guest Sh. Basant Raj Bhandari...
Posted: 23.09.2014
Jain Vishva Bharati University Dear All Jai Jinendra, This is a cordial invitation for the declaration of establishing a new research center 'Bhagawan Mahavira International Center for Scientific Research and Social Innovative Studies' at Jain Vishva Bharati Institute, Ladnun on the grand occasion of 'Acharya Tulsi Birth Centennial'. It is also a hearty welcome to the 1st Annual Workshop on 'Compendium of...
Posted: 04.08.2014
By Dr. Samani Satya Pragya
(In context of Abhigyana Shakuntalam) Acharanga , the ancient works in Jain literature gives the guidelines for conduct. Giving an account of its significance it says, “The heroes are dedicated to the great path of liberation. It is the specious path. Only the mighty heroes can dedicate themselves to that specious path. Only the brave can tread that path.” Abhigyan Shakuntalam too put forth the very soul of...
Posted: 12.05.2014
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
Introduction to Kayotsarga Kāyotsarga is a special technique of Jain yoga. It is practiced many times in a day by monks. It is also essential for the lay persons. The kāyotsarga, the fifth āvaśyaka for the Śvetāmbaras and for Digambaras the sixth, is part and parcel of Jain rituals. This ritual is called kāyotsarga i.e. meditation with bodily detachment. Hemachandra defines the kāyotsarga as standing...
Posted: 24.04.2014
By Surendra Choraria
Jain Vishva Bharati University Respected Sir/Madam, We at Jain Vishva Bharati Institute organizing the summer camp on "Understanding Jainism". The details of the programme can be checked by clicking the following link: The interested candidate can register through the following online form:
Posted: 08.12.2013
By Dr. Samani Rohit Pragya
Among religions, Jain Religion has contributed some original ideologies to the world. The most significant aspect of it is that it has always respected the smallest of the insects among living organisms and this attitude extends even to the inanimate world. So it is natural for such a religion to cultivate an attitude of respect towards women. Jainism opposes the inhuman class distinction and glorifies the soul...
Posted: 07.11.2013
By Dr. Samani Ramaniya Pragya
Acharya Tulsi Birth Centenary Centennial For Millennium Acharya Tulsi Birth Centennial Celebration is an event storming in India not as merely a celebration but also contributing to the society and in fact to the world for upcoming with better millennium, the millennium that we would like to live in. At present we have an excited but also developed anxious vision towards our future and think –What’s...
Posted: 05.11.2013
By Dr. Samani Rohit Pragya
JAIN VISHVA BHARATI UNIVERSITY The question of health and happiness is not the question that concerns any particular community or sect. It is the question related to life, associated with existence. Health and happiness are the requirement of life. Each and every living being wants to be healthy and happy because without these two things life is meaningless. Does health depend on happiness or happiness is the...
Posted: 04.08.2013
8th International Conference on Peace and Nonviolent Action (8th ICPNA) Theme: Towards a Nonviolent Future: Seeking Realistic Models for Peaceful Co-existence and Sustainability organized jointly by ANUVRAT GLOBAL ORGANIZATION (ANUVIBHA), INDIA ( a transnational center for peace and nonviolent action associated with United Nations Department of Public Information ) JAIN VISHVA BHARATI UNIVERSITY, LADNUN...
Posted: 10.07.2013
Posted: 30.05.2013
By Samani Sanmati Pragya
During adolescence, most Indian girls begin to dream about a future consisting of marriage, children, and career. But at this same age, some girls think differently. They see two paths in front of them: the married life and the ascetic life. When a girl decides to devote her life to the Jain Terapanth ascetic tradition, she conveys her desire to her parents. Initially, her parents are unlikely to give her...
Posted: 21.03.2013
By Dr. Samani Ramaniya Pragya
While Studying Human nature, philosophers as well as psychologists dived deep into the human behavior and tried to find out the basic components of human nature. Different philosophers and psychologists at different periods came up with discursive and divergent ideas. The study of them helps find out 'is there any underlying common thread that can help to understand the fundamental human nature with synthetic...
Posted: 19.03.2013
By Dr. Samani Ramaniya Pragya
Introduction India is a web of multi colored cultural threads. The subtle and fearless intellect of the Hindus, the illumination of Buddha, the abounding humanity of Jainas, thee commercial growth of Dravidians, the organizing energy of Arabian prophets, have all entered into the inner world of people's life and even today is shaping their thoughts and aspirations. The event rise and fall but history speaks...
Posted: 18.03.2013
By Dr. Anil Dhar
Jain Vishva Bharati University Date: 23 July to 12 August Venue: JVBI in Ladnun Details of Course: About Jainism, Preksha Dhyan and Nonviolence. It is credit course. UG and PG students can take part in it. Flyer:
Posted: 21.10.2012
By Dr. Rudi Jansma
National Symposium on Jain Philosophy, Science And Scriptures Organizers: Dept. of Jainology and Comparative Religion & Philosophy, Jain Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun Vigyan Samiti Udaipur Date: October 22-24, 2012 Venue: Jasol, Rajasthan, India Consciousness in Modern Science, Jainism and Theosophy Paper prepared for a lecture on 22 Oct 2012 At the National Symposium on Jain Philosophy, Science And...
Posted: 19.10.2012
National Symposium on Jain Philosophy, Science And Scriptures Organizers: Dept. of Jainology and Comparative Religion & Philosophy, Jain Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun Vigyan Samiti Udaipur Date: October 22-24, 2012 Venue: Jasol, Rajasthan, India Contact: All correspondence by post should be addressed to Dr. N.L. Kachhara 55 Ravindra Nagar, Udaipur 313003, Rajasthan E-mail: Ph:...
Posted: 26.04.2012
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
JAIN VISHVA BHARATI UNIVERSITY The 24 th Tīrthankara Mahavira was great religious preacher who not only paved the path of leading an artistic life by implementing the great and small vows but also showed us the path of ending the life journey very artistically through the process of saṃlekhanā. Saṃlekhanā is considered as the king of all the vows and it is the highest sādhanā. Pujyapada in his text,...
Posted: 06.03.2012
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
JAIN VISHVA BHARATI UNIVERSITY Preksha Therapy of Forgiveness Life is five percent of what happens to you and ninety five percent what you make of what happens to you. You do have choice at all times. Yes, bad and good things happen to everyone but whether you let them colour your life or just add to it, is up to you. Every religion asserts forgiveness as the innate virtue lying with in human race...
Posted: 29.02.2012
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
JAIN VISHVA BHARATI UNIVERSITY Introduction The continuing degradation of environment and depletion of life supporting natural resources by exploding population and its reckless consumerism are matter of serious concern. The most harmful impact of industrialization is that it is triggering consumerism more and more and to meet the increasing demands more and more industries are coming up, which further triggers...
Posted: 21.02.2012
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
JAIN VISHVA BHARATI UNIVERSITY Samani Dr. Shashi Prajñā Asst. Prof. in Dept. of Jainology & Comparative Philosophy and Religion Jain Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun, Rajasthan: 341306 The protection of environment is a global issue and it is not an isolated problem of any area or nation. It concerns all countries irrespective of their size, and level of development. In this scientific age, with...
Posted: 10.02.2012
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
JAIN VISHVA BHARATI UNIVERSITY Any comparative study in the field of philosophy uses the tool­box method of Wittgenstein's 'family resemblance' i.e. which looks to the ideas of 'overlappings' among the various systems of philosophy. In this research paper efforts are being made to highlight the points of agreement as well as difference between some of the concepts of Jaina philosophy and that of Sartrean...
Posted: 09.02.2012
By Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya
JAIN VISHVA BHARATI UNIVERSITY Introduction Human history up to now seems to be the history of conflict, which is originated from differences when one encounters something unfamiliar or strange or different one tends to feel uncomfortable and hostile. And one feels at home when one meets something familiar, not different from what one has been exposed to. This seems to be the natural reaction, which may be...

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