Jain Muni Ajitchandra Sagar Ji In Guinness Book Of World Record

Posted: 05.03.2012
Updated on: 17.09.2015

Jain Muni Ajitchandra Sagar Ji Maharaj has a recitation speed of 18 to 22 syllables per second leading to the world record. Ajitji achieved this commendable talent through extreme meditation, silent fasts and deep scriptural studies. Not using any mental tricks, Ajitji is able to awaken his sub- conscious mind to retain and recall multiple events. It is learnt that the saint has memorized more than 22,000 shlokas including 22 out of 45 Jain Holy Scriptures. At a recent event in the city, Ajitji observed 200 facts by facing various questions, proverbs, names, mathematical puzzles, visuals and audio. He then recollected the entire procedure and recited it in ascending, descending and random order. Hundreds of devotees, observers and the general public were present to notice and experience the act. The main motive behind the event was to shape and cultivate the minds of Young India for increasing their memory power, concentration and overall IQ level thereby strengthening the intellectual and moral framework.


At a deeper and subtler level, the objective was to showcase to mankind, the unlimited powers of the soul and inspire humankind to unlock these latent powers.

It is a clear observation that most human beings can remember 8 to 10 events sequentially.

The Indian ancient literature is replete with references of saints and scholars in demonstrating this ability to remember 100 things or more in a single act of attention. It is learnt that Ajitji has taught and guided about 8,000 youngsters and children to develop the capacity.

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