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Posted: 28.06.2012

As a matter of fact, if a certain viewpoint is not based on any aspect of truth it cannot be reconciled. Ignorance and fear are the factors which keep the man away from the realisation of truth. Ahiṁsā, according to Jainas, is the very characteristic of soul and one should not be afraid of it in any sphere and tune of life. It creates harmony in life, while hiṁsā destroys the same. Vegetarianism is an outer form of Ahiṁsā: So it is instrumental to create harmony and peace in the world; for through it the world could accumulate the good karmas. On the contrary hiṁsā in any form violates the harmony of life and atmosphere as well, which results in chaos and warfare. Vegetarianism is an essential factor for creating a harmonious feeling and to end the animal instinct in man. So the fear that vegetarianism might enhance the problem of food is baseless and it cannot be reconciled.

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