Preksha Meditation ►02.09.2012@10:00-11:00

Posted: 31.08.2012
Updated on: 02.07.2015


is pleased to announce the following session,

Preksha Meditation

to be held every Sunday from
Date: 2nd September 2012
Time: 10.00 to 11.00am (prompt)

(please arrive and be seated by 10.00 am for registration)


Benefits of Preksha Meditation

Reduce physical stress and strenghten immune system
Improve mental, emotional and physical health
Enhance mental and creative abillities
Increase will power, achieve goals and much more


Mahavir Foundation Derasar
557 Kenton Road.
Middlex HA3 9RS

There will be a monthly fee of £10, payable in advance, towards the support of JVB activities.

 JVBL Contact Persons:

Mr. Ashok Gudka 07980 929 559
Mr. Hasu J. Vora 07950 606 462
Mr. Dinesh Shah 07879 028751
Mr. Rashmi Shah 07904 723 678

Please join us for enriching yourself.
Have a pleasant week ahead.
Thanks & Kind regards
Mr. Hasu J. Vora
JVB London

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