Virchand Gandhi Wallpapers 16-18

Posted: 19.11.2012
Updated on: 21.01.2013

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Virchand Gandhi, Forgotten Indian Patriot who defended Indian Culture, Hinduism & represented Jainism had captivated western public in 1893’s parliament of world religions in Chicago (USA). Great Swami Vivekanand wrote from 541, Dearborn Avenue, Chicago, to the Diwan of Junagadh “Now here is Virchand Gandhi, the Jain whom you knew well in Bombay. This man never takes anything but mere vegetables even in this terribly cold climate and tooth and nail tries to defend his countrymen and the religion. The people of this country like him very well.” 1893 on Stage of Parliament of world religions. 1899 sole indian delegate to world’s 3rd historic conference i.e. International Congress of Commerce.


Jain Diwali e greeting card. Jains celebrate Diwali Festival on Lord Mahavir’s Nirvan Day to preach sublime message of Non-Violence and compassion taught by him. The 19th century Indian Legend Virchand Gandhi (1864-1901) quoted “The universe is not for man alone, but is a theater of evolution for all living beings. Live and let live is its guiding principle. Ahimsa Parmo Dharmah- Non-injury is the highest religion.” Happy Diwali. May Each Lamp You Light Rejuvenate Feeling of Ahimsa & compassion in your for all livings beings.


1893 Parliament of World Religions, Chicago & 3 Heros: Swami Vivekananda - H. Dharampala - Virchand Gandhi

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