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Posted: 16.01.2013


Samani Sanmati Pragya

Samani Jayant Pragya


Paryushan Celebration

JVB NJ has celebrated the Jain Great Festival “Paryushan” in the auspicious presence of Samani Sanmati Pragya & Samani Jayant Pragya from Aug 14 to 21, 2012. An eight-day celebra-tion of this event included evening Pratikram, Pravachans, and classes for children. All Pravachans were very influen-tial and the messages were well received by all. The morning session for special Pravachans on Jain History, Shravak Vrat and Poushadh were organized for on weekend and the final day. Second Paryushan was celebrated with the Jain Socie-ty of Richmond. Jain Society of Richmond is very disci-plines and well organized group. Samaniji’s message- ‘Practice 3 minutes long breathing every day and con-tinue last year’s resolution-‘not to leave food behind in your plate’.


Kshamapana, Bhajan Sandhya and Bhikshu Jaap

On the occasion of Kshamapana JVB NJ orga-nized a musical concert at American Legion. The prominent singer Maes-tro Kumar Chatterjee with Tabla Master cherished audience. On this occasion ‘Bhikshu Swami Jaap’ was specifically held. Samaniji’s mes-sage- Always think big.

Gyanshala-New session 2012-2013

Gyanshala-Sunday school for children started with full energy and enthusiasm. This year JVBNA has started Adult Gyanshala along with children and it is going very well. Sa-maniji’s message- In acquiring knowledge all ages are important.

Diwali Milan

JVB NJ organized a “Diwali Milan” program at Six Mile Run Church, Franklin Twp. On this day, Mr. Ramesh Parmar delivered a welcome speech. Gyanshala students presented a poem jointly in Hindi. A debate on –Jain religion is selfish religion-was held. Pratap Jain, Ramesh Parmar, Kiran Jain, Nilesh Jain and Raj Sodhia spoke for the topic and Sunil Mehta, Mool Singhi, Sunil Bothra, Rakesh Jain and B. C. Jain were against. It was very well done. Sanjay Jain played the role of moderator. Kamal Daga, Nitin Chora-dia, Sunil Bothra and Sushma Jain presented few very melodious songs. Both Samanijis’ pravachan were very inspirational and informational. MC was done by Varsha Mehta and Shilpa Bhansali. Samaniji’s mes-sage- Jain wisdom cannot be understood with Anekant.

Samanijis’ Family Visit

Monthly Navkar Mantra Jaap was held at Sampat & Dolorous Jain, Sunil & Var-sha Mehta, Ramesh & Suba Parmar. This program is becoming exclusive day by day. In the memory of his father Mukesh & Mamta Jain and on the occasion of new home warming Manish & Meghna Jain organized Samaniji’s pravachan and jaap at their residences. Samanijis visited Bikham & Asha and Ashok & Shilpa Bhanshali’s home.


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