Chaitanya Kendra Preksha ►Guided Preksha Meditation by Acharya Mahapragya

Posted: 02.02.2013
Updated on: 05.02.2013
A 30 minute guided meditation in the voice of Acharya Mahaprajna

Chaitanya Kendra Preksha ►Perception of Psychic Centers

Savvenam save is an aphorism in Bhagavati Sutra, which means that all the innumerable points of our conscious element are psychic centres. There are innumerable points (undivided organs) of the soul. The knowledge obscuring karma has covered all these. When this veil is destroyed, it gets removed from all these points. The soul exists in the entire body. Hence, consciousness is present in each and every cell of the body. Every cell is capable of cognition. According to physiology, the source of cognition is the nervous system. All cognition takes place with the help of the brain and the Sushumna energy channel. In terms of science of Karma, the nervous systems is said to be the means of expression of cognition. According to physiology, all cells of the body are similar. Some cells have special features, and hence, these have become the source of cognition. If we could train them so, we could even see with the eye lids and with the fingers of the hands. In comparison with the bones of the ears, the teeth are better capable of hearing. By attaching a mechanical gadget to the teeth, these could be used instead of ears.

The centres of cognition (or sources of cognition) of the five senses are very much clear. Through spiritual practice of meditation and the subsequent development of Sambhinn-srotolabdhi (the super-sensory power of cognising all the five objects of the senses through any one part of the body), the entire body becomes a centre or source of sensory cognition. One endowed with Sambhinn-srotolabdhi can hear with all body parts; or through just one sense organ one can cognise the objects of all senses. For example, one can hear with the eyes and see with the ears.

The psychic centre of mental cognition is the brain. All mental tendencies get expressed through the means of its various cells. We are aware of only cognition through the senses and the mind; and their psychic centres are very much clear in our physical constitution. But the senses and the mind do not constitute the limit of cognition. These are just the starting points of cognition. If some person is able to develop the psychic centres in his body, then he could even know the subjects that are beyond the mind and the senses. These psychic centres can be developed or activated through meditation.


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