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Posted: 21.03.2013

Contemplation of Co-existence

  1. Select a Posture
  2. Mahapran Dhvani (6 times)
  3. Kayotsarg (5 minutes)
  4. Perception and Contemplation
    1. Visualize bright blue colour (like colour of peacock's neck) around you. Feel taking a breath of blue colour. Experience that blue particles are entering your body with each and every breath.
    2. Concentrate your conscious mind on Shakti Kendra situated at the end of the spinal cord and now visualize bright blue colour on this Centre.
    3. Now shift your attention to Anand Kendra situated near your heart.


  1. I shall practise Peaceful co-existence.
  2. I will not participate or support any aggressive or destructive activities.

(Repeat these sentences aloud nine times.)
Now mentally repeat the same sentences nine times.

  • There are five obstacles of Peaceful co-existence. They are obstinacy, differences of opinion, differences of interest, differences of selfish motives, situation of conflicts.

Now contemplate:

    • I will practise Peaceful coexistence.
    • I will respect the opinions of others.
    • I will respect the interest of others.
    • I will not promote my selfish motives. I contemplate the well being of all.
    • I shall practise amity in all conflicts.

    5. Conclude Dhyan session with the recitation of Mahapran Dhvani (6 times).

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