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Posted: 27.03.2013

The Qualifications of a Preksha Trainer

The role of a Preksha Trainer should be special than the practitioner of Prekshadhyan. The experience gained through regular practices becomes his strength. Comprehensive knowledge of practice and its methodology is a must for him. One should know the process to resolve any unwanted consequences which may appear during the practice. A common practitioner practices as per his own capacity, but a trainee should have the potential to guide others in spiritual practice and drive them into deeper levels. The possible potentials can be as follows:

  1. A special interest and knowledge about self practice of spiritual exercise and guiding the same.
  2. Spiritual practice should be the goal of life and there should be a constant progress towards it.
  3. Pronunciation should be clear and effective.
  4. Spiritual practice should manifest in the personality and aura.
  5. There should be a constant burning desire to live the human values and the disciplines of preksha dhyan.
  6. One should update his knowledge so that he could resolve the queries of the trainees.
  7. He should be tolerant and capable enough to deal with the situations.
  8. He should be well versed in the details of camp management and being dutiful acquire the capability of camp organisation.
  9. He should be knowledgeable about the possible obstacles and their solutions which one might come across during the practice of meditation, asana and pranayama.
  10. He should have a humble attitude and keep away from aggression and passions.
  11. He should always be ready to provide the required services.

He also should always keep in touch with the central organisation, so that he is upgraded with the new practices.

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