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Posted: 03.05.2013

Saman Deeksha

a new category of monks and nuns with some relaxation in the rules of ascetic life.

The need for a third category of monks and nuns between full-fledged ascetics and house-holders had been felt for a long time. Discussions had been going on for the last four decades but they could not be translated into action. In 1980 Acharyashree gave shape to this idea when he initiated the first batch of samanis into the Terapanth Dharm Sangh in the presence of a huge gathering assembled on the campus of Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun. It was a revolutionary step.

ence it evoked mixed reactions in the people. Some hailed it while there were others who criticized it. But as it is a well thought out plan the new category of monks or nuns is gaining popularity. The number of samanis is increasing gradually. The aim of establishing this new category of ascetics was not merely to help and facilitate the spread of Jainism abroad but it was also felt that it would open up new avenues of work since the samans and samanis would not have to observe the vow of travelling on foot. Their mobility would result in the rapid expansion of constructive projects.

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