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Posted: 23.05.2013


   Samani Bhavit Pragya

Samani Sangh Pragya

Dear Parents and Students, Jai Jinendra.

This Sunday, 05/26 is your Gyanshala at 2:55 PM sharp. Please be on time.

Changes have been made to the Gyanshala for creating more learning opportunities directly from Samnijis. Please make note of them:

* Two levels of student group by ages: L1 - ages 5 to 13 and L2 - ages 13 to 18 

Gyanshala Time line (during 2nd and 4th Sunday Swadhyay):

Prathna and Bhaktamar

by adarnia Samniji 

30 mins

L1 & L2 combined 

Jain Studies 

by Teachers

30 mins

L1 and L2 separately 

Special studies

by adarnia Samniji (L2), Teacher (L1)

30 mins 



by Teacher

15 mins

L1&2  combined 


by adarnia Samnji

15 mins

L1 & L2 combined

* No parents to be present during Gyanshala.


-Your Gyanshala team at Jain Vishwa Bharati Orlando center.

JVB Orlando's Weekly Schedule:


7:30 am

Bhaktamar and Meditation


8:00 pm

Advance Swadhyay

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