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Posted: 13.06.2013
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Typical landscape between Lodurva temple complex and Pohar Dadabari Jin Kushal Suri

The frugal landscape vaulted by a cloudless sky made its contribution to come to terms with the recent impressions. Who would have guessed such a structure in the middle of the desert? From the formerly flourishing city nothing, not even ruins had been left. The desert is fetching back everything if not energetically prevented from. All constructions there have to brave it, respectively to mobilise logistic masterpieces for the transport of the materials to the construction area, even more burdensome in the past. Such a process could be watched from near at our next destination.



Pohar Dadabari Jin Kushal Suri



White marble entry portal with depictions of elephants and Dharmachakra



Masons at work



Flower decorated sandstone columns

Hardly one month after our visit was the new built Dadabari Jin Kushal Suri planned to be opened in a festive ceremony on 11th March. Even during our visit more visitors than artisans (3!) were there. Although not everything was where it belonged, the faithful celebrated fire ceremonies in front of Dada Guru Jin Kushal Suri’s sculpture in an already completed niche of the temple, and some were praying deeply absorbed in devotion in front of the pavilion outside the temple where another sculpture of Dad Guru Jin Kushal Suri was planned to be installed.



Dada Guru Jin Kushal Suri



Handmade wooden door and marble floor with artful inlay

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