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Posted: 19.07.2013
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Howrah: 18th July, 2013

Sadhvi Sri Animashreeji and Sadhvi Dr. Mangal Pragya ji along with her fellow Sadhvis - Sadhvi Karnikashree ji, Sadhvi Dr. Sudhaprabha ji, Sadhvi Samatwayasha ji and Sadhvi Maitri prabha ji - all learned disciples of Shantidoot Sant Shiromani Acharyashree Mahashraman ji, the 11th Head of Jain Terapapanth Sect entered Howrah Jute Mill club House near Vivek Vihar Campus South Howrah, the place of Chaturmas for 2013 on 18 July 2013 at 8.15 A.M. after seeking permission from the Mall family, the owners of the Place.

Sadhvi Shreeji began their journey AT 7.15 A.M. from Terapanth Sabhagar at North Howrah with the procession of lay followers named “PARYAWARAN VISHUDHI YATRA". The procession was led in the front by students from both Boy’s and Girl’s Section of Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Vidyalaya, Kolkata. It was followed by children from Gyanshala, girls from Kanya Mandal followed by Members of Mahila Mandal, the ladies wing of Terapanth. In the middle walked Sadhvishree Animashreeji, Sadhvi Dr. Mangal Pragyaji and fellow Sadhvishreeeji. The rally was headed by the president of south Howrah sabha Sri Malchand Bhansali in the announcer Car, where in the teachings of Lord Mahavira and Acharya Mahashramanji for protecting the environment from the present day dangers and misdeeds by following Religion-through Ahimsa (Non-violence), Sanyam (Continence) and Tap (Penance) were being announced by Smt. Santosh Banthia. They were followed by the  Shrawaks of Greater Kolkata including the youth from Terapanth YuvaK Parishad, members of Jain Karyavahini and Terapanth Professional Forum. Over 2000 lay followers including the school children accompanied the Rally. The Rally was managed by the young volunteers from South Howrah. At Howrah Jute Mill Club House, Sadhvi shreeji entered the club House after chanting and reciting mantras for few minutes. After arrival of Sadhvishreeji, the rally merged into a Welcome and Felicitation Programme.

The Programme began with chanting of Mahamantra Nawkar by Sadhvishreeji. Upasak Sri Malchand Bhansali (President of South Howrah Terapanthi Sabha) welcomed Sadhvishreeji and all the guests and the gathering of lay followers.

 Sadhvi Dr. Mangal Pragyaji in her brief speech said that the Indian culture has always given importance to contemplation of Sanyam. The Throne of Kings and Rulers have always bowed in front of the Saints. Indian people have the thought of liberation and detachment. Sadhvi shriji also brought to the attention of the West Bengal government Minister for Agriculture and Distribution, the fact that H. H. Acharya shree Mahashramanji is coming to Kolkata in the year 2017. She said - “We need the cooperation of the local government for propagating the teachings of Lord Mahavira and making the state morally uplifted with the introduction of the vow’s of Anuvrat and Prekhsa meditation and other religious values. Chaturmas is the time meant for increasing inner strength  for spiritual awakening. The power of penance helps us create a safety cover for our soul.

Sadhvi Shri Animashreeji addressing the gathering of Hundreds of Lay followers and Guests, said-“The India n people are devoted to the Saints and Spiritual heads. It’s the control of spiritual values which keeps the society in balance. We have to keep this dominance of spiritual and moral values intact. The time of Chaturmas is meant specially for spiritual awakening. It’s time for change one’s nature to be accommodative and kind to others, to remove the layers of ignorance to uncover the knowledge we possess.  To lead a peaceful and healthy life we must get into the root of any problem and then try to solve it. Indian saints move on foot from one place to other like the river Ganges, which carries pure water far and wide. We are there to help everybody purify their soul. We must be practical to add virtues to our soul in the coming period of the chaturmas by following penance in one or the other form as described in the scriptures.  These days’ people eat sweets, but their voice is not sweet, they put on white clean cloths, but their emotions are not pure, people have big bungalows but their hearts are getting shorter far away from broadmindedness. It’s the base of religion and preaching of great Tirthankars and saints that help us remove dirt from our soul  to move closer to the path of liberation”.

Sadhvi Shriji also praised the efforts of the Team South Howrah for their preparation for the Chaturmas.

Sri Mahendra Agarwal, chief of the district Trinmool committee also addressed the gathering in an attractive manner welcoming Sadhvishreeji in the land where Lord Mahavira has also come in his lifetime.

Sri Arup Roy, the Hon’ble Minister of West Bengal Government accepted the advice of Sadhvishreeji and promised to put in efforts to actively cooperate with the Terapanth Sangh to welcome H.H. Acharya Shree Mahashramanji   in imbibing moral and Human values in the people of Bengal, the land of active life of Swami Vivekanda and Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans and many other great persona.

Sri Amarchand Dugar (President-Kolkata Sabha), Sri Rakesh Sancheti(Secretary-North Howrah Sabha), Sri Bhupendra Shyamsukha (President-Kolkata Purvanchal Sabha), Sri Paras Banthia (President-Teyup), Smt. Sukhmal samsukha (President-south Howrah Mahila Mandal), Chief Guest Sri Kamal Kumar Dugar (Chief Trustee- Mahasabha), Special Guest Sri Surendra Kumar Dugar (Managing Trustee-Jai Tulsi Foundation), Sri Bhanwarlal Baid (President- South Kolkata sabha) all welcomed Sadhvishreeji  in their brief speech and put forth their determination to make the chaturmas a grand success.

Children from Gyanshala affirmed their commitment of vows of Tapashya in an attractive manner. The Mahila Mandal wing also produced their thought in verse added by a long list of various spiritual commitments and vows.  Arham mandal members and Terapanth mandal members also presented their views in their own attractive chorus songs.

Sadhvi Dr. Sudhaprabhaji, Sadhvi Samatwayashaji and Sadhvi Maitri prabhaji replicated  in the form of modern shopping mall the place of chaturmas where everything to quench the spiritual thrust shall be available all these four months of Chaturmas at South Howrah in the pious presence of Sadhvi shreeji.

Sadhvi Karnikashreeji  also addressed the gathering on the occasion saying that saints and nuns  spread the message of ‘charaiwati-charaiwaiti’.They are like the Ganges river and wherever they go they take the Ganges of the spiritual Values.they are like.

All the guests were presented literature and memento. Sri Dharamchand Choraria who was instrumental in getting the place of chaturmas from the Howrah Jute Mill owners was also honored.

The team of South Howrah Terapanth Sabha led by its President Upashak Sri Malchand Bhansali and the energetic and enthusiastic Secretary Sri Madan Chand Nahata under the guidance of Immediate Past President Sri Jawari lal Nahata and assisted by the whole working committee, all departmental conveners and the lay followers and public at large, who all worked hard to make the day’s event a memorable one.

The Welcome and felicitation programme was convened by Sri Basant Patawari (Joint Secretary of South Howrah Sabha) In his vote of thanks Sri Madan Chand Nahata, Secretary of the Sabha thanked all and everyone who have contributed directly or indirectly in making the event a grand success, saying that Lord Mahavira was an environmental Scientist and with the arrival of Sadhvishreeji, their  preaching  will help us and all eradicate the evils from external as well as inner environment  to make the soul pollution free.



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