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Posted: 17.10.2013
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Sri Jinaya namah
Dear all

this is a video presentation of the valedictory function celebrated on the concluding day of a three day Jaina Philosophy teaching programme. The venue was Sri Adhi Bhagwan Digamber Jinalayam-Adampakkam-Chennai. The programme was designed and conducted by Acharya Kuntha Kuntha Jaina Philosophy Propagation centre, Kuntha Kuntha Hill (Ponnur hill) 7KM from Vandavasi town,Thiruvannamalai dt.,Tamilnadu. The sacred hill has ancient foot prints of Acharya Kuntha Kuntha. At the base of the Hill Acharya Kuntha Kuntha Jaina Philosophy Propagation Centre is functioning..one of the activities of the centre is designing and implementing lectures, seminars, teaching programmes on Jaina philosophy at various places in Tamilnadu. Till date, 51 such teaching programmes were conducted.Unrecorded programmes are much more. There are now about 130 places (villages,towns and cities) where the tamil Jains live.(once the entire breadth and length of Tamil country right from Kanyakumari- the Southern tip of Bharath was inhabited by the Tamil speaking jains- Sramanas- Now 135 places-that too in the northern part of the truncated Tamil land.it is very sad that the Jaina villages become 'Ghost villages' as migration towards the towns and cities has gained momentum in search of lively hood, education etc. the Tamil jaina population is entirely agrarian. With the challenges from the present day political system,helpless govt.., failing agriculture profession, the escape route leads them to towns and cities abandoning their villages with beautiful Jinalayams (temples) they have constructed with great devotion. Philosophy, traditions,cultures which they have nurtured and passed on for several generations are now being continued facing many challenges. A small society (tamil Jains) struggles courageously to face the present day challenges. here comes the great services of Acharya Kuntha Kuntha Jaina Philosophy propagation centre. They organise lectures of short duration to suit the local conditions to teach the fundamentals of jaina philosophy. they try to keep the sacred thread of jaina tradition unbroken in this part of the Globe. The 51st Teaching programme was conducted from 11 to 13th Oct-2013 in the premises of Sri Adhi Bhagwan Digamber Jinalayam at Adampakkam-a fast growing suburb of Chennai. Separate Tamil and Hindi sections were planned to conduct the classes. This video is about the valedictory function please join to view. (This writer is also a migrant villager who often recollects the past, glorious village life and laments on a ' Paradise' abandoned) let me be blessed with more strength to serve the society and religion with accelerated vigour.

Jai Jinendra
Dr. Nelliyankilam Kanaka. Ajithadoss



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