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Published: 13.11.2013
Updated: 30.07.2015

Federation Of Jain Associations in North America

Petition for Minority Status for Jains in India

Jai Jinendra!

We need your urgent support to sign the below online petition for getting minority status for Jains in India. Please visit the below link and sign the online petition ASAP.

Below the background and other details related to this initiative:

About Jainism

Jainism is an ancient religion from India that teaches that the way to liberation and bliss is to live lives of harmlessness and renunciation. The essence of Jainism is concern for the welfare of every being in the universe and for the health of the universe itself.

Jain’s Minority Status - A historical perspective

The world Jain community's demand for minority status is now a century old. When in British India, the Viceroy took a decision in principle that the Government would give representation to "Important Minorities" in the Legislative Council, (Petition Dated:.2nd September, 1909).

The President of the Constituent Assembly Dr. Rajendra Prasad had nominated Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai, a Jain industrialist as a Jain representative to Minority Advisory Committee to the Constituent Assembly.

Sardar V.B Patel the first Home Minister of Free India in his letter of 25th August 1946 addressed to Sir Bhagchandji Soni, President, All India Digamber Jain Mahasabha and assured the Jain community that "In free India there would be no restrictions upon the religious liberty of any community and there need be no apprehensions in this regard”.

But the deaf ears of our political leaders and changing political climate is making hard for Jains to get their rightful place in Independent India.

Demand of Minority- Based on Religion

The words "minority based on religion” used on the Indian Constitution Article 30(1) means that the only or principal basis of a minority is either adherence to one of the many religions and not a sect or a part of the religion. In all religions sub-sections, sects or classes exist.

For instance, the Arya Samajis among the Hindus, the Catholics or the Protestants among the Christians, the Shias or the Ahammadiyas among the Muslims, the Namdharies among the Sikhs etc. may be called religious denominations. However, they are still a majority religions compared to Jains.

The Jains are only ~0.4% of Indian population. Therefore, Jains should be given minority status based on declaration made by the National Minority Commission of India.

Current Status

As of this writing six Central Government ministerial level IAS officers and department head have sent their reconditions to the Attorney General of India for his review and acceptance of draft report and forward with his findings to the Prime Minister of India for discussion with his Cabinet and final approval. Furthermore the Attorney General may make his decision by month end; therefore it is more of an urgent issue that we all get behind this petition.

Please support this initiative by clicking on the button below:


 We need your whole hearted support by signing this petition. With your help our needy brothers and sister back home will receive central Govt. based scholarships and our Jain holy places of worship will be protected. Furthermore there shall be additional seats will be reserved for our Jain youth in college and universities of their choice.

Won’t you help your deserving fellow Jains in India? Please do sign the petition now! Tomorrow, might be too late..


Thank you very much for your consideration.

Dr. Tansukh J. Salgia, Chair
Committee on Government & International Organizations
Federation of Jain Association in North America (JAINA)

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