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Posted: 21.11.2013

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A man who craves for total renunication (sarvavirti diksha) only can be called a shravak. With an intention to provide support and help to those shravaks who cannot swim through the ocean called world due to their weakness or attachment, the loftiest Soul has preached partial renunciation (samyakatvapurana deshvirti).

Partial renunciation consists of

The Soul that accepts and follows those twelve vows finally becomes a mahavrati and gets liberated. Our parma gurudevas ceaselessly preached these vratas and conferred them upon the deserving Souls and made their lives meaningful and complete.

If we cannot become a mahavrati due to our karmas, let us at least be deshvrati and make our lives meaningful. Come, let us all accept the vow and row through the ocean called the world.

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