Samayik Vrata

Posted: 19.11.2013

 Limited Meditation Vow

Meditation of the soul and its relationship with nature is known as Samayik. By giving up affection and aversion (Rag and Dvesha), observing equanimity in all objects, thinking evil of no one, and being at peace with the world, one should practice this vow of meditation (Samayik). This vow consists in sitting down at one place for at least 48 minutes concentrating one’s mind on religious activities like reading religious books, praying, or meditating. This vow may be repeated many times in a day. It is to be observed by mind, body, and speech. The meditation of 48 minutes makes a person realize the importance of a lifelong vow to avoid all sinful activities and is a stepping stone to a life of full renunciation.


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