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Posted: 29.11.2013

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Navkar Mahamantra 64


Jain religion prescribes that the Saints or the Shravaks should face death boldly and bravely. Jains should learn to welcome death and it is performed through observance of sallekhana or vow of Samadhi death. When the body is no longer able to perform its duties, one relinquishes the body willingly, it is known as Samadhi death or Sallekhana vow. It is to be performed with composure and poise. One should ask and give forgiveness and there should not be any attachment. This death is called fruitful death (Sakam maran) and it helps reduce the bondage of Soul.

It is practiced by many Saints and Shravaks. Jains welcome death in this manner by discarding the body as one gives old clothes up. Acharya Vinoba Bhave gave his body up in this manner.

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