Ode to Nelson Mandela

Posted: 07.12.2013


Ode to Nelson Mandela

© by Anish Doshi 


Seven plus twenty,
Years seem more than plenty!

To be in prison
For no apparent reason.

He emerged like the sun
Of South Africa, the most beloved Son:
Mandela, Nelson

For years he toiled.
For us it seems spoiled

Yet he worked as if there was no tomorrow
To overcome his sorrow.
From him, we could so much borrow.

From perpetual slavery, he saved millions.
Now he rests in peace, a true hero to billions.

The world gave us a few
Theresa, Gandhi, King, to name a few.

For they truly cherished
Something that never perished.

In soul they were staunch
What more could we want?

We take freedom for granted
But for millions life was haunted.

Till the day he emerged, like a diamond polished.
Yes, slavery/apartheid he forever abolished!

Can mere words pay a real tribute,
For the countless breaths he did contribute?

Years four score and fifteen...
He lived a life that is pristine.


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