01.06.2014 ►JVB Houston ►Gyan-Sabha & Gyanshala Annual Day

Posted: 01.06.2014
Updated on: 05.11.2014

We are having Gyanshala Annual Day @10:00 AM and Gyan-Sabha @ 10:30 AM  tomorrow (Sunday), and look forward to your participation.

Last time, we heard from Samanijis that after an interesting journey, Vikramaditya and Bhatmatra reached outskirts of Ujjaini. Bhatmatra told Vikramaditya about the events which lead to his brother becoming a saint and his bhabhi committing suicide. He tells Vikramaditya to take the responsibility of becoming the king. Let’s continue tomorrow:

When: Sunday, June 1st Time: 10:30 AM
Where: JVB @ Schiller Road
Prayer, Meditation & Pravachan

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