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Posted: 24.06.2014

International School for Jain Studies, ISJS


10th Annual Summer Residential School for Jain and Ahimsa studies

Newsletter: June 2014

The first two batches of ISSJS.2014-4W and ISSJS.2014-6W, totalling 28 participants from the universities of USA, Canada, Belgium, Russia and Netherlands arrived on May 31st 2014 at Vijay Vallabh Smarak Jain Mandir, Delhi. Most of the participants are serious academically oriented ones seeking detailed and referential knowledge about Jainism to help them learn all aspects of Jainism as well as experience them as well.

After orientation/ induction in ISJS environment and self introduction, the program started with detailed knowledge about Jainism and its place in Indian Philosophical systems, origin and history of Jainism, schism till date, Ahimsa, Anekant and Aparigraha, soul, epistemology, Karma doctrine, Jain canons and ethics. The class room lectures were indeed very interactive keeping the faculty members alert as well. The participants also had daylong excursion to Lal Mandir, Indira Gandhi National Centre of Art, Kund Kund Bharati, Ahimsa Sthal, Badi Dadabari and finally at Sanskriti where Dr. O. P Jain hosted a very sumptuous Delhi dinner besides showing the excellent museum of day to day art, textiles and terracotta existing there. The participants also enjoyed Snatra puja at Vallabh Jain Smarak to learn the religious rituals. A day long pilgrimage trip to Hastinapur was enjoyed by all where Jambudweep, Nasiaji, Ashtapad, Kailash and other temples were visited with an excellent lecture on Jain cosmography by Pujya Gyan Mati Mataji and excellent food served at Jambudweep.

On June 18th, the participants will leave for Jaipur for eight days of learning from eminent Jain scholars there.  All the participants enjoyed excellent residential and lecture hall facilities of Vallabh Smarak Jain Mandir as well as experienced wholesome tasty Jain food served in their well equipped dining hall. In fact the entire campus of Smarak is like a complete Jain university with temples, walking space, gardens, museum and peacocks making the stay in hot weather very enjoyable.
Our thanks to management of Vallabh Smarak, Sanskriti, IGNCA, Kund Kund Bharti  and Jambudweep for their whole hearted support to participants and ISJS for making the entire period of first eighteen days a very memorable experience.
Attached are some photos of the participants enjoying various activities during the period.
From July 9th onwards, two more batches of 51 participants from these and other countries like Mexico, Zimbabwe and Pakistan are joining ISJS programs. One batch will learn Ahimsa and its application in high schools and another batch of post graduate students to learn Jain Yoga.






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