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Posted: 01.07.2014
Updated on: 26.11.2018


JainPedia Newsletter


Welcome and join me in celebrating 2 million page views of the JAINpedia site!

We are very excited to see the popularity of the site, and look forward to continue bringing you even more articles and content.

In this issue of our Newsletter you will see a link to our new fundraising initiative - please pledge and ensure the growth of this site, at the same time as rewarding yourself with our various prizes, such as as an exclusive tour of the Jain artefacts at the V&A or a personal invite to Ahimsa Day celebrations.

You can see some of our recently added articles in the 'Jain beliefs' section, which bring you some of the core concepts of the faith.

Also, come and attend some of the Institute of Jainology's partner events.

If you would like to receive regular updates please 'Like' our facebook page and 'Follow' us on Twitter.

Mehool Sanghrajka


If every JAINpedia site visitor pledged £1, we'd be able to treble the site content!

We have set up a crowd sourced funding site. Beginning on 26th June 2014, the initial target is £10,000 though we also have stretch goals. As a pledger you can receive a variety of exciting rewards!!

Share our call and pledge to grow JAINpedia here

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Read more about some of the basic principles in Jainism

To support the article onJain beliefswe have just published six new articles.

Each of these articles gives an overview of the crucial elements of Jain doctrine. The new articles are on, the soul, karma, liberation, knowledge, non-violence, the cycle of birth and types of bodies.

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©TheBritish Library
Board CC0 1.0

We have also recently added a beautifulexample of anillustrated page of asāmudrika-śāstra, which is held in the British Library collections.Sāmudrika-śāstras are texts giving details of physical features that indicate character and future events and experiences.

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©Royal Asiatic

New Discoveries

The Oriental Musuem at Durham Univeristy, recently discovered some Jain manuscripts in their archives, and are looking to add to them to the JAINpedia collection.

The Royal Asiatic Society are also putting in an application to digitize some more of their Jain manuscripts to add to JAINpedia.

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Upcoming Events



Young Jains Convention The Winning Hand

The Institute of Jainology are proud to be sponsors of the Young Jains Convention. Register your place and get closer to having 'The Winning Hand'!

There is also a Kids Convention running alongside the Adult Convention.

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