JVB London - Celebration of 88th Birthday of Acharya Shri Mahaprajnaji on 15.07.2007

Posted: 12.07.2007
Updated on: 15.02.2008

Prasanna Pragya

Manan Pragya

Vishad Pragya

Amit Pragya

88th Birthday Celebration

This coming Sunday,
15 th July 2007

10.30 am - 12 noon


Sayer Centre

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc act as an important reminder of our association with our relatives and friends. Your association with Jain Vishva Bharati now gives us all an opportunity to participate in one such celebration.

Acharya Mahpragya who is the tenth Acharya of Terapanth Dharma Sangh is one of the most charismatic Indian who is leading the global war on ignorance, poverty and violence. He stands tall from other aspirants because of his religious background and long association with his mentor Late Acharya Tulsi. They were inseparable duo in the social reformation programme founded under the umbrella of Anuvrat movement immediately after the independence of India.

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